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Jo's latest thing, since he has a larger tank now, is to do a dolphin stand. At first I wondered if he was feeling okay, but if I go to the tank, he goes about swimming figure 8's, happy as can be....so I think it's his way of resting from the weight of his big tail :)


Linda B

I think my heart stopped there for a moment. I looked at the photo before reading and you can imagine where my mind went. NOOOOOOOO! JO!! Whew. Silly fish. Maybe he wants to feel tall.


Jo kinda "dog paddles" while he's playing dolphin....and it's something he's recently started doing. In his old tank he couldn't do a full stand like that, he would have been too tall...but now he can. And yes, the first time I saw him do it, I rushed over to the tank....since I would never want anything to happen to my little quarantine-mate...but sure enough, he was just being "silly fish"....haha. One thing that's different here is that he can always see me....at the house he was in the kitchen, separate from me at night time....but now he can watch me around the clock by night light, so some of it is like peeky-boo I think... like, is it time to eat yet? Haha.



He must be happy being able to see you all the time. It sounds like things are going quite well for both of you.