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Thanks for holding down the fort Linda :) Things are super busy here...preparing for beginning the physical move next week. I'll probably collapse around the second week of March, and get some serious rest.

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Good evening. :)
Good luck with the move. Hopefully you can get a good rest when you need it.
Feeling a bit off here. I seem to have brought home one of the bugs going around at work and we've both been a little sick for a few days. Nothing really serious but tiring and somewhat uncomfortable. Much milder symptoms than some of the people I work with though.

Linda B

Feel better Terre & Jim.

My mom's last remaining sibling passed away this week. I feel so sorry for her dealing with that and my dad's health. My aunt was like my second mom. Raised me as much as my own mom did.


Moving day is approaching soon...and sore everything...haha. We've been kidding around, playing the Rocky movie theme to inspire us to press on. I've lost about 14 lbs since Christmas, and my arms have big muscles...haha. Lifting boxes of books over your head will do it :)

Blender has a new version 2.82.