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Show Us Your Ruckus Renders Here!


I love how JUST a texture can change the look of Ruckus. Besides pose and texture (all converted via EZSkin3 so they had the same settings) nothing else is changed (of course with the morphs added it would be a greater change but I wanted to see what just the textures would do).

From Left to Right: Dusk SE, Original Dusk, Dante, Taka, and Lanval.
So. Darn. Awesome

Somehow the musculature looks more accurate with Ruckus than it does with stock Dusk. Maybe it's the SE base. Can we get a Ruckus/Diva variation? I'm weird like that.


Contributing Artist
Thanks Myth, I wasn't sure if the kitten was the right colour choice but I'll have to wait until Laurie brings out a white one (I think that would look best)


I think you've got it spot-on Rae. His colour matches the tonal range of the image and helps the eye to take in the whole before focussing in on him. Perhaps a small, very subtly applied spotlight aimed at kitty would help highlight him a little? As they say, studying an image brings greater reward! :)

Dakorillon (IMArts)

Contributing Artist
Ruckus is very versatile. But, we need wings and a tail.....

And the Legend of the Drackus, carved in stone for the people to remember and fear.....


I did add a spotlight to kitty but since I don't really know much about Poser yet, I didn't know how to narrow the beam :p
Hi Rae!

Click on your spotlight. In the 'Object' menu click on Point At, then select the Kitten which will fix the light on him no matter where you move it. While you still have the light selected go to properties (right-hand side of the screen) to angle start and angle end. Adjust angle end to narrow the beam together with the intensity dial to set the light level until you are happy!


Contributing Artist
My first take on mean & lean Ruckus. I don't own Dusk SE, but it seems to work fine over the original Dusk. Loin cloth from HW, knife from my "Jungle Weapons Pack", clothing and armor converted from M4. Rendered in Poser with Octane in 90 seconds.



HW3D President
Staff member
Wow, ya don't check in for a few days on this thread and good gally... it's exploded into even more creative combos and renders!

Way to go everyone. Amazing stuff here. Loving the combos. Talented people for sure.


HW3D Vice President & Queen Bee
Staff member
Absolutely wonderful renders everyone!
Ruckus with baby luna, dante texture with a little bit of African american face dialed in. Had to realign the rigging in DS and also added some smoothing to get rid of some of the funny bumps Rae mentioned.
View attachment 25235
I love this, Pen! "Somewhere in a jungle far, far away ... " so unique!