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  1. The Marsh King

    The Marsh King

    Promo Concept for Waters of Life at Renderosity.
  2. Gorilla Ambush

    Gorilla Ambush

    Jungle Depths new promo banner - maybe
  3. Cool Drink of Water?

    Cool Drink of Water?

    Taka, Hivewire Big Cat, Lisa's Botanicals with Jungle Heat Textures
  4. Purrrfect Repose

    Purrrfect Repose

    Taka, The Adventurer Outfit, Tropicals II
  5. Taka Sexy!

    Taka Sexy!

    Done with CWRW's Taka for Dusk background is from Hearts of Africa Lost Legends
  6. A Lot Of Ruckus

    A Lot Of Ruckus

    I love how just a texture can change the look of Ruckus. Dusk SE, Dusk, Dante, Taka and Lanval textures, no other changes (other than pose).
  7. Lady Ruckus

    Lady Ruckus

    Ruckus wearing Taka skin and Dawn with Sora head with Ruckus body injected wearing Donella skin.
  8. Unexpected Dinner Guests

    Unexpected Dinner Guests

    This is Dusk standard size with Roderigo skin, Ruckus with Taka Skin and Ruckus with the Giant 2 Morph and Axel skin. With the HW Gorilla and HW Big Cat making a cameo appearance in the background. What do you feed them, when folks this size show up unexpected for dinner?
  9. Lets Swing again

    Lets Swing again

  10. Power & Stealth

    Power & Stealth

    Taka and his Great Ape companion...
  11. CWRW

    Poser & DS Taka Leap Pose 2016-05-26

    A free Leap Pose for Taka for Dusk. It is a Poser Pose file but I tested it in Daz 4.8 and it works great there. May be needed to be put in a Poser Directory and then accessed via "Poser Formats" through your Content Library. Will not show up under DS Smart Content.