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  1. Grey Kitten

    Grey Kitten

  2. Kitten in Winter

    Kitten in Winter

  3. Fairy Kitten

    Fairy Kitten

  4. Kitten in the Roses

    Kitten in the Roses

  5. Sweet Friends

    Sweet Friends

  6. Kitten reaching Through

    Kitten reaching Through

  7. Tiger Kitten

    Tiger Kitten

  8. Paper Tiger's Quick HDRI Lighting Vol2

    Paper Tiger's Quick HDRI Lighting Vol2

    Paper Tiger's Quick HDRI Lighting Vol. 2
  9. No...is My Food Grrr

    No...is My Food Grrr

  10. Best Friends Play

    Best Friends Play

  11. Nefertiti


  12. Mumma Cat

    Mumma Cat

    3 of Faery_Lights textures
  13. Untitled


  14. Spring Strut2-sm

    Spring Strut2-sm

    HiveWire Horse with Chocolate Beauty Skins HiveWire Housecat and Kittens with CWRWs marvelous skins Background from Immortal Moments Arts "Hi-Above" Landscape pack. Time to take the babies for a walk.
  15. Black & White

    Black & White

    The new Big Dog wearing the House Cat's tuxedo textures, House Cat and Kittens and Horse and Foal
  16. Inktober-5


  17. Ballett with cat

    Ballett with cat

  18. Remembering


  19. TaishoBee

    Calico Fur for HW Kitten

    I'm looking for a calico fur texture the house cat/kitten. My kitten's name is Maggie Mae and she's a beautiful cali. I can't do fur myself. I don't know the proper place to ask for one.
  20. Cat Vs Squirrel

    Cat Vs Squirrel

    When I woke up yesterday and looked out the window this is what I saw. One of our outside cats, Charcoal, sneaking up on an unaware squirrel.