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Show Us Your HiveWire House Cat Renders Here!

Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

Running with the wolves.
Contributing Artist
So this came out of a "doodle" exercise I've been doing. And that exercise finally gave me an excuse to really sit down and get to know the Housecat... and... I really liked how this came out, so I'm posting it and sharing it. And I figured it belonged in this thread. :)

Scene only took me about 45 minutes to compose. It took my computer about 4 hours to render, though, because I had to set the LAMH hair quantity up to 1.5 million for this render... doing that times 3 LAMH objects... thank heavens I decided to do the DOF by hand and not render it! LOL

Laurie's Tuxedos and her Tabby are in use here as well as Sayianess' LAMH fur for the kitty. And, of course, the Housecat him/herself. And the paper bag was Glitterati's, from her Kitty Essentials freebie.

I didn't have a doodle yesterday, because I wasn't home except to sleep. Since I was home today... doodle!

I really do love this kitty. :)


Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I never thought of texturing kitty with these types of shaders until I saw those you've shown us with your promos PHD. S/he makes a nice shiny statute. ;)


I've been neglecting my poor HiveWire kitten for a long time, so I thought I would post this one in this thread, even though the kitten is not the focus of the image...

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I've been experimenting with the new dForce feature in DAZ Studio (which I am liking a lot). Maybe now I can finally get some of my semi-dynamic projects put together in a release-able state. Don't hold your breath, though...