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house cat

  1. Concert in the jungle

    Concert in the jungle

  2. Somebody's jumpy

    Somebody's jumpy

  3. Kitty and the butterfly

    Kitty and the butterfly

  4. Little king of the house.jpg

    Little king of the house.jpg

  5. Grooming Cat

    Grooming Cat

    I'm very proud of this pose, but it was obscured by distance and black fur in the image, "Life Goes On." Here I used one of the grey tabby materials.
  6. Sleeping Cat

    Sleeping Cat

    This is a close up of the cat sleeping in front of the fire in the image, "The Inn of the Prancing Unicorn." You can't really see the bent ear, (used Mesh Grabber,) or the LAMH fur in the original, but they show up just fine here.
  7. Sabretooth Kitty

    Sabretooth Kitty

    setup and rendered in Carrara
  8. Cats Eye

    Cats Eye

    keeping an eye on things!
  9. At grannys home for Roberta

    At grannys home for Roberta

  10. Alice and Chesire.jpg

    Alice and Chesire.jpg

  11. Tea time.jpg

    Tea time.jpg

  12. Paper Tiger's Evolution HDRI Lights

    Paper Tiger's Evolution HDRI Lights

    Paper Tiger's Evolution HDRI Lights by PaperTiger
  13. Steam Powered Girl

    Steam Powered Girl

  14. Whats wrong?

    Whats wrong?

  15. Sherlock Dog And Catson

    Sherlock Dog And Catson

  16. Homeschooler Baby

    Homeschooler Baby

  17. Kitty Cute Too

    Kitty Cute Too

    Another version on the pink variety working with petal shapes
  18. Kitty Cute

    Kitty Cute

    Petal test on the daffodils for petal shape 1 complete with catula morph for the HIveWire House Cat
  19. Dance Class

    Dance Class

  20. Goodbye Baby

    Goodbye Baby