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  1. Ken1171

    RELEASED SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12

    ~SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12~ Most figures have lots of material zones, and it can be tiresome to manually edit them one-by-one. Victoria 4 has like 14 just for the skin, and DawnSE has 9 for that as well. This means that if we want to edit just the skin materials on V4, we have to do...
  2. Beefcake


    Dusk with a lot of morphs and dial spinning. Going for that 1960s beefcake/bodybuilder vibe. Rendered in Poser Pro 11.2 using SuperFly, post render work in Photoshop.
  3. pixie dust in tumblehome bottle - FF + Sfly.jpg

    pixie dust in tumblehome bottle - FF + Sfly.jpg

    Firefly and Superfly test renders of a dual-root (P9+ Firefly and Superfly) lightcasting material
  4. HaiGan

    Poser & DS Winter Hooves for the HiveWire3D Horse 1

    Poser and DS materials to give Harry a spot of seasonal bling
  5. Taka Head Study Superfly

    Taka Head Study Superfly

  6. Semicharm

    Farewell to SuzyQ2

    Given that SuzyQ2 will be retired soon, I dusted off an old character I made with her and did a new render. The textures from "My Susy" by SissyB were run through the AutoMat script I'm working on for my S6 shader and rendered in SuperFly. Farewell to SuzyQ2 by Semicharm posted May 24, 2019 at...
  7. Semicharm

    S6: Genesis 2 render and script test

    It's been awhile since my last post/update. While working on polishing the shaders I wondered if I could automate the process by getting Poser to grab the textures currently on the figure, sort them by type, and apply them in the new shader. Of course, it doesn't work 100% of the time, so it...
  8. The Fallen

    The Fallen

  9. Faces of Fury

    Faces of Fury

  10. HiveWire Mule Deer Buck By Rae134

    HiveWire Mule Deer Buck By Rae134

    HiveWire Mule Deer Buck rendered in Superfly
  11. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

  12. Cho in the garden

    Cho in the garden

    Poser/Superfly. Dawn: The Face of Asia: Cho morph and textures. My SF skin shaders. SAV Berlin Hairs.
  13. LaFemme Shadersplay2

    LaFemme Shadersplay2

    Poser/Superfly. Experimenting with my skin shaders on La Femme.
  14. La Femme - Shadersplay 1

    La Femme - Shadersplay 1

    La Femme default face. Aram hair by SAV. Superfly skin shaders by me.
  15. Engineer


  16. R-R-R-R-Rombie


  17. ibr_remote

    If anyone wants to see my hybrid Cycles celshaders

    I did some experimentation and testing, and here are my results(in the link): My Hybrid Cycles Celshaders For Poser
  18. ibr_remote

    Universal Chibi Head used on Katie2

    I used the default Katie2 figure which comes with Poser Pro 11 default content. I used ken1171 's Universal Chibi Head and posed it. I added Sannzi's Red Ribbon Panda to the scene. I rendered using SuperFly, and added the special effects using PicsArt.
  19. From Flame And Sorrow

    From Flame And Sorrow

  20. PE Lulu - Soft Natural

    PE Lulu - Soft Natural