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S6: Genesis 2 render and script test


It's been awhile since my last post/update. While working on polishing the shaders I wondered if I could automate the process by getting Poser to grab the textures currently on the figure, sort them by type, and apply them in the new shader. Of course, it doesn't work 100% of the time, so it still gives the option to check and select the textures. Testing the scripts on many different figures (50 and counting), I noticed that were patterns in the wild chaos of material and shaders. I went deeper and decided to try write an algorithm to guess which shader to apply to automate the process. It took a while but I managed get it working, again testing a lots of figures from different artists. That works OK, but only if all of the needed mats were applied and settings. Considering that some some figures are split into a LOT of materials, that can be a PITA. Being this far down the rabbit hole, I decided to expand the script to guess which materials in the figure share the same textures and reuse the same shaders on them automatically.

Well, several weeks in, but so far things are working well. Then I decided to test it on Genesis 2 and things got...complicated. It suffices to say that Daz's importer really makes a mess of the materials! I had to disable some sanity checks to get my script to properly read their insane setup but it did manage to correctly apply the shaders to all the materials. The only time I has to touch material room was to tweak the user settings in shader for skin with hair details, like eye brows. Did a quick test render with P11 default lighting.

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