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  1. pixie dust in tumblehome bottle - FF + Sfly.jpg

    pixie dust in tumblehome bottle - FF + Sfly.jpg

    Firefly and Superfly test renders of a dual-root (P9+ Firefly and Superfly) lightcasting material
  2. HaiGan

    Poser & DS Winter Hooves for the HiveWire3D Horse 1

    Poser and DS materials to give Harry a spot of seasonal bling
  3. Semicharm

    S6: Genesis 2 render and script test

    It's been awhile since my last post/update. While working on polishing the shaders I wondered if I could automate the process by getting Poser to grab the textures currently on the figure, sort them by type, and apply them in the new shader. Of course, it doesn't work 100% of the time, so it...
  4. Ken1171

    Trouble with HSV shader node in Firefly

    When I use the HSV shader node in Firefly to change a texture color from red to blue, the blue shows with red speckles all over the material. It seems to only partially change the color, leaving random speckles of the original texture color showing. These speckles show in both previews and...
  5. FireflyDelight02


  6. Gadget Girl

    Firefly less accurate with UVs than Superfly?

    So I ran into something very frustrating the other day. I've been spending some time carefully adding some trim to an outfit I'm creating. Like a lot of time, because I wanted to keep the gold border on either side of it, but also ideally have it slightly smaller where the trim 'attaches' to the...
  7. Gadget Girl

    Metal Shaders for Firefly

    Does anyone know of any merchant resource metal shaders for Firefly? I've been working on the faceplate for WIP: Medieval Finery for Harry I've tried to figure out what's going on in some of the metal shader's I have on other products, but I really don't understand what's going on in Firefly...