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Show Us Your HiveWire Big Cat Renders Here!


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Is this a HiveWire contest, or something else? Just curious.
Every month Shibashake and Daz studio hold a contest mostly with products from Daz Studio, but there are artist products that are featured for example this month HM is one of the feature artist which @luannemarie has beautifully executed two different outfits on the cougar from HM another one is Merlin Studios which does a lot of freebie items at Daz. It's a nice way to showcase their products and show your appreciation of offering them for free. Prizes are also awarded. This is the link. It's also a great way to sneak in HiveWire items =) This is an image I did about a year ago for the contest.
Shiba 3D-Art Contest
Beauty Tames The Savage Beast
Beauty Tames the Saveage Beast23.jpg

Products Used: HiveWire 3D Big Cat, Mitsuko for Genesis 3 by Pixeluna, Jade Tiger Hair for Genesis 3, Melidae Crown
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Already done. lol. I enter her contest every month. Great fun. Gets your creative juices flowing.
haha! Now I'm going to have to get really really creative!! I really love what you did with the basket and the cougar cubs!
Very true ! It's fun and rather a challenge and it taps into your creativity! =) Thinking of something to do with the outhouse.