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Show Us Your HiveWire Big Cat Renders Here!


HW Honey Bear
Nice. Did you use the backlight hair shader, or is that even possible, since it's Iray?

AM's brought out his latest lions over at the other store (I think these are at least his 3rd version of lions, if not the 4th). His modeling is getting much better. But the Hivewire Lion is still the more attractive. I'm beginning to think that the major difference is that AM's animals are designed from the get-go to have hair. Whereas with other models, the hair is a nice bonus of an add-on, if it's available. But the modeling is assumed to be out there where everyone can see it.


HW Honey Bear
Well, I'm having a day building Frankencritters. I redid my Thestral, now that Arki's released a reworked set of the Strigoa wings, and while I was at it, I redid my hippogryff, which uses the Strigoa harpy legs. So, while I was on a roll, I decided to make it a hat trick and built a Griffin.

I've a nasty feeling that it's going to be even more of a pain to pose than the hippogryff. But it looks pretty good in its base pose.


Living in the clouds
Contributing Artist
I was the last days sorting out my External Harddrive . (Made a short pause from packing cartons for our move) and find the HW Big cat , which I have from the time I made Promos for Sympatico studio. :)
So I decided to test her out in DS. At this time I was using Poser, so now I was curios about her in DS. Beautiful animal.

Pharaohs last days. The young Pharaoh ,surrounded from his enemies, only his beloved cat with him to fight the final battles.
Pharaos last days.jpg
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