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Show Us Your HiveWire Big Cat Renders Here!

carmen indorato

Argh. Hate when that happens. In my case I generally left something rendering overnight and get up in the morning to find Studio sitting there with a blank viewport. The computer restarts. The program restarts. But the render certainly doesn't.
what computers are you running? My MacBook pro restarts too often and I just got tired of losing stuff so I stopped rendering anything until I can figure it out and replace it. Was told by a supposed "Mac Expert" that it is either the GPU or Hard Drive which leaves me open for a lot of expensive trial and error.


HW Honey Bear
The Meowl is one of Sixus 1's. I think it's always been at Renderocity. Or certainly is now.

I'm on an iMac, I don't think that I'd try running Studio on a laptop. Back when I started, too many of my scenes took way too long to render for me to want to risk burning one out on renders. Just about any time I wanted to render a tree I was stuck for an overnight session. And there were a couple of wigs that I knew going in were likely to be overnighters. It got better with Studio 4 and 64-bit addressing, but now most of the newer hair models are back to taking eons.

ETA: I don't get many spontaneous restarts. But a power flutter overnight is going to kill things dead.
I think Lunamarie's little girls are probably Genesis figures. Or if not, probably Diva. Luna is a bit younger than those.
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Thank you Carmen indorato and Dakorillon for asking. I started with Laura from Angel-Wings sold over at Renderosity and then I used Sophie head (about 50%) from FWSA over at Daz. Skin is from Sophie as well. The outfit from the littlest warrior is Ktarya Outfit by SloshWerks over at Daz.


nice image!
What boar is that?
Thank you. It's Warthog by AM over at daz. It comes with an installer for both Daz Studio and Poser. The Poser version doesn't come with the hair you see in the promos. Those are LAMH presets for Daz Studio. The fur in my render is done in Poser's hair room.


Thank you Carmen indorato for asking. I started with Laura from Angel-Wings sold over at Renderosity and then I used Sophie head (about 50%) from FWSA. Skin is from Sophie as well. I then add a few changes, such as making cheeks a little fatter, etc.


HW Honey Bear
Carmen, the Angel Wings character which Lunamarie based her little girl on is a Genesis 8 character. Angel Wings has a real gift for creating child characters. She's fairly new, I think first showed up during Genesis 3 era. And her store is on Rendo.


Contributing Artist
Ok, so this is about a 10 minute play with Flowscape with the BG ! I added the Lisa's Botanicals dead bushes, but .......... wow! Not bad !
Lion In Winter
Lion In Winter SML.jpg

Products Used:
HiveWire BigCat, CWRW's White Lion coat texture for the HiveWire BigCat, Lisa's Botanicals Dead Bushes, Flowscape generated background.