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Show Us Your Dawn Renders!


Ha! Yeah, and it looks like she's about to roll right over the edge of that display base into the abyss of...whatever lies beneath the floor grid thing in my DAZ Studio. Pay attention, Grandma Carol!

It's just a glorified test render so logic wasn't much of a factor. I was checking out the bike settings with different lights than I usually use, which might account for the odd black bits in the Heroine Hair. I'll have to go look at the settings for that and see if I can figure out what's up with that.

Incidentally, there should be a gray hair preset in Heroine Hair.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
She's not about to roll over the edge. Grandma's really talented, and she's balancing on her stopped bicycle. But what about her hair, you say? Ha! She looks like me in the mornings when I wake up. That's bed hair, not windswept hair.

I love the render! Test or not. It almost makes me miss riding a bicycle. Until I remember how uncomfortable riding a bicycle always was. Even though I always had plenty of padding on my bones, there was never enough padding for those bicycle seats.

My biggest frustration is when I can't get things to look right in a render with movement or wind. Like clothing reflecting that movement and grass blades bending from the wind or leaves fluttering in the wind. While some clothing has movement/windswept adjustment, not all do. Grass, flowers, trees, and shrubbery don't tend to come with a lot of (or any) windswept or bending adjustments.

I agree about a grey hair preset. Absolutely! Every hair should have grey options.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I already have the dress, but that purse looks nice. In fact, it looks like one of mine. ;) Is that one of your goodies, and if so, are you planning to make it available??? Curious minds want to know. :whistling:


Contributing Artist
@Miss B It just happens that this is the only purse I appear to have in my runtime that is a prop. It's the "Spring Purse" from Miki contents. I am not sure if it ships with Poser, or if it came with the Miki DVD I have purchased from eFrontier before the times of SMS.