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Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by Chris, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. David

    David Adventurous Contributing Artist

    Edgar Rice Burroughs. I've read almost every science fiction and fantasy novel he ever wrote. The Moon series, the John Carter/Mars series, the Venus series, Pellucidar, and on and on. Great stuff. Also Kenneth Robeson's Doc Savage books. And Andre Norton's work from the '50s and '60s.

    I like my fiction old or not at all. :)
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  2. quietrob

    quietrob Extraordinary

    Oh yeah! Two of my favorite books, World War Z and to Sail Beyond the Sunset made my commute from Sacramento to Orange County, California, some 425 Miles (684 Km) a breeze! Audio books are great!!
  3. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Hmmmmm, I liked them all, though the last book's events were a bit expected. I wasn't wondering what would happen next, as much as I did with the first 5 books.
  4. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Have you read Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy? I thought the first book (Red Mars) was excellent. The second book (Green Mars) started out well but, at least to me, became boring. The third book (Blue Mars), started out boring, but then got back on track and was very good.
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  5. quietrob

    quietrob Extraordinary

    Apparently so does everyone else. Tarzan and John Carter could be considered modern mythology. The same with H.G. Wells. Is there anything that guy wrote that wasn't made into a movie?

    To continue the great digression...What book have you read that you would like to see made into a movie? My wishes are simple. Methuselah's Children, Time Enough for Love and to Sail Beyond the Sunset would my trilogy.
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  6. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Amazon US shows that there is a Kindle version of the books, but then when you try to get to the Kindle versions, it says they are no longer available.

    So ... perhaps at one point they were, but now they aren't. So Amazon UK must have the rights to the Kindle versions, while Amazon US doesn't. Or something along those lines!

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  7. Mythocentric

    Mythocentric Extraordinary

    Most peculiar! I've just been checking up and my account details are valid at both Amazon UK (although I've only had an account at Amazon UK) and US so I assume that yours would be equally valid in both countries. They also both have my debit card on record as valid (although Amazon US won't accept it because its drawn on a UK bank) despite it being owned by a US-based company! Unfortunately Amazon US don't accept Paypal which is my preferred method so bang go my albums unless I buy them on CD, which are available in the UK. Makes quite a difference in price though - MP3 price in the US $3.99 each, CD price in the UK $13 (approx) each.
  8. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    I think I read LOTR's at about 12-13 borrowing it from the school library. I was lucky enough that my brother bought me the deluxe edition for my eighteenth birthday which is done with rice paper and all three books fit into a slim volume and it also contains maps which fold out. I have read it so many's probably due for a reread though.
    I also like the Sheepfarmers daughter...that is just a brilliant series.

    Dresden is also a favourite and I saw the tv series before I found the books so I enjoyed both despite the differences, can't wait for the next book Peace Talks to arrive.
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  9. daywalker03

    daywalker03 Eager

    I read not only Sheepfarmer's Daughter, Divided Allegiance and Oath of Gold (I have the three stories in one paperback volume), but the one she wrote about Gird Strongarm (I don't remember the title of that one offhand). And I have read most of the Dragonriders of Pern (I even own Dragonsdawn, the one about the colonization of Pern and the origin of the Dragons).
  10. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    It would appear that your Amazon account is valid in all of their sites, I have a sister in Canada and I often buy from using my UK account details. I have never opened a Amazon Canada account and it shows all the same credit cards as UK site. We use it for presents for my sister as it saves the cost of shipping from the UK, which means we can pay more on the actual present and not have to worry about size and weight. We also know the cost to us as we can have the card registered as UK pounds and not Canadian dollars. Strangely though, when it comes to some CDs it is sometimes cheaper to buy it from Amazon UK and ship it ourselves than buy it on the Canadian site.
  11. Mythocentric

    Mythocentric Extraordinary

    No prob Hornet. My beef is that they refused to take payment from my debit card, which is owned by a US company and valid all over the world for what seems, to me, a pretty feeble excuse! It surprised me that the accounts are linked because I do shop a lot with Amazon UK and buy most of my music, books and other stuff there and have never had any problems! The only reason I went there was to buy the two ISB albums I need to complete my collection and it's unlikely (in fact definite that I'll ever try to shop there again) so no sweat. The one good point is that Satira can, if she wishes, buy the Piratica Trilogy from the UK which is how this all came up in the first place.

    On a high note, I checked with HMV Preston and they have both albums in stock, so me and the little one are off on an adventure tomorrow to pick them up. Lucy's never been to Preston before so new sights for our little Canuck (and probably rapidly depleting wallet for me!) Yikes! :bee:
  12. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    I can understand your beef as the excuse does seem quite feeble. Like you I do a great deal of shopping with Amazon UK and my wife and I both have Kindles and Kindle Fires along with a couple of Echo Dots so between us we are at least moderate customers. My latest venture with them is space on the Amazon Drive to provide some cloud back up. I have been using Amazon for years and on the whole it has been a very good experience.

    Enjoy your shopping trip, I hope you both enjoy it, it sounds fun and always a plus when you know they have what you want before you set out.
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  13. Mythocentric

    Mythocentric Extraordinary

    Always fun with the little one in tow Hornet and it starts with the trains. She'd never travelled on one before they moved to the UK and they fascinate her. She loves all the bright colours and the speed and is always proud when we let her hand over the tickets for clipping. All I have to do is remember to padlock my wallet before she finds out how many toyshops there are in Preston centre! At least the albums are bought and paid for. All I have to do is pick them up. :snoopydance:
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  14. Dragonsegg

    Dragonsegg Eager

    I knew gift cards didn't work outside the US if you purchased them here but surprised a debit card also doesn't work between countries. It must be bank dependent. I know the gift card thing is so they can trace you if you are a terrorist supporter type so U.S. homeland security has to get there little hand in to restrict trade but you are UK aren't you Mythocentric? o_O
  15. Mythocentric

    Mythocentric Extraordinary

    I am indeed Dragonsegg! I must admit that a company which has branches all over the world should impose such petty restrictions, especially as a business which depends on making profits is rather strange. The card I use which is valid all over the world and which I've used in a lot of Europe, Canada and the US (frequently) both online and in person is issued by the most well-regarded international company and apart from Amazon US, I've never had any problems whatsoever. Still, no worries. As a result of it I've discovered a company which has over 30 million mp3 albums (HMV) who also accept Paypal, my preferred online payment method. Problem solved!

    Absolutely not a terrorist either. In fact I think our Lucy is more dangerous than me and she's only five years old! :eek:
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  16. Leana

    Leana Admirable

    Now _that_ would be something! ;)
    Add me to the list of fans for Sir Pterry, Asimov, LOTR and Dresden files. Among many others... ;)
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  17. wendyluvscatz

    wendyluvscatz Inspired

    I sort of felt the same way about the later Pern books, I enjoyed them as fantasy and the "science Fiction" element sort of dated them too.
  18. xyer0

    xyer0 Admirable

    Had a recent Daztopian experience where someone commented that they had returned a product (which had previously been pulled from the store a day after release and put back in a fortnight later). When asked why, that someone said they would not discuss it, for if they talked about it, their post would probably be removed. Within an hour, their post was removed. So, you cannot even refer to the policy/non-policy.
  19. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    HiveWire really is the nicest (and most forgiving) forum I've found.
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  20. quietrob

    quietrob Extraordinary

    That sound scary! You might want to look over your shoulder as you comment.

    By the way, I did go there recently to get some help making Poser Companion Files (PCF). The one person that helped was actually very cool.

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