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Members Mugs (Mugshots)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
yeah! i know....i have layers because i have too much hair...and even if it is not too much curled..if it is short can poof too lol!
for me is better when is long too! :D



This is me with Angel, (on right) and Sugar...I am the one taking the picture...

This is me and Sugar playing...I am the one taking the picture- Been thinking about filing a missing person's report I apparently have spent the last twenty years being missing...I am always taking the pictures.....lol

Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

Running with the wolves.
Contributing Artist
But I run away and hide, nessie!!

I do that, too. Or, I do obnoxious things like putting the palm up in front of the camera... or I do unpleasant things to the camera...

I don't like having my picture taken. At all. I'm in the same boat as Lorraine (no pun intended....) ; folks might as well just cremate my remains and stick a picture of a wolf in the obituary. There's so few photos of me around that it wouldn't really matter either way. ;)