I wish we had..for Dawn

Discussion in 'The Wish List' started by Alisa, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. HaiGan

    HaiGan Engaged Contributing Artist

    Is it a really stupid question to ask if dynamic hair would work for tassels? I have no idea how the load on the computer compares, although I probably ought to. Plus you'd have to run two simulations instead of one, I think (I've never found a way to run a single sim for both cloth and hair at the same time).
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  2. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Probably would work but only in Poser...hmmm....I wonder how that would work in LAMH? I may have to give it a go with something that is already in my runtime...
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  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I wish for Dawn!

    Civil War era ball gowns
    Pioneer Dresses (Wilmap has a lovely set for Gen2F)
    Aprons and Bonnets

    Other period clothing would be wonderful, too!
    If someone makes the models, I'd help texture! lol.
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  4. KageRyu

    KageRyu Rabid Art Monkey Contributing Artist

    Flight Suit/Jump Suit for Dawn.

    I thought I had seen one somewhere, but now I need one, for the life of me, I can't find it.
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  5. HaiGan

    HaiGan Engaged Contributing Artist

    Like this?

    Ex 1.png Ex 2.png
    Ex 4.png
    (I added a bonnet)
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  6. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Oh that's looking good HaiGan.
  7. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

  8. HaiGan

    HaiGan Engaged Contributing Artist

    I kind of did something for Diva already, a while back, then left it sitting on my hard drive. A Hollie Hobbie type set thingie. Can't find it right now though.
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  9. Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

    Seliah (Childe of Fyre) Running with the wolves. CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    :yeahthat: What she said!
  10. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Yes, and Dak's suggestion for an apron will compliment it perfectly.
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  11. HaiGan

    HaiGan Engaged Contributing Artist

    Okee dokee, dress bonnet and apron. Seem to be working okay in Poser's cloth room. DS is crashing on me when I try to use dForce though- even items that have worked for me before. Anyone want to test this stuff for me in DS while I try to persuade dForce to work again? Or maybe I should drag it over to the beta-tester forum.

    apron 3.png apron 2.png apron 1.png Bonnet 1.png
  12. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Looking good HaiGan. The apron is the perfect finishing touch.
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  13. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Definitely! That looks awesome!
  14. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Not sure if this is the right spot or not but has any one seen some thing like this for Dawn?
    I have been trying to convert the V4 out fir over but with no luck :( I finally have an idea for a render but if I want to use Dawn I am stuck on the out fit
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  15. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    The only thing I can think of that is anywhere near close is Lost In Time by Propschick, it is a full dress so the legs are covered but it does have the bare shoulders and arm bands. It does at least come in both V4 and Dawn flavours.
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  16. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    @Hornet3d I think I saw that one, its not bad. Not quite what I was after for this render though. I managed to get the V4 dress to submit well enough to get the render done in the end, just posted it to the Dawn render thread
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  17. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    I have just seen the render and I like it. Glad you managed to sort it in the end.
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  18. pommerlis

    pommerlis Busy Bee Contributing Artist

    I would love for Dawn to have a Ballet Outfit
  19. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    Was just at DAZ drooling over their beautiful G3 Based, D/s ONLY.....Ball Jointed Dall figure set.
    went back to Renderosity and looked at thel now LOOOOOONG in the tooth BJD 1&2 by MayaX and also walked away...dejected.

    I have been looking for an adult figure BJD or at least a BJD with adult figure male and female creation capabilities with no luck. When one is finally released it of of course, for D/S users only!!! ;(
    Does anyone else want this figure for their rendered art?
    PLEASE HW get us a versatile BJ DOLL For Dawn to use in Poser. I promise I will reinstall my dawn figure and use her A LOT if you grant me this request! :)
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  20. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    I really wish we had for Dawn and co the transfer and refit utilitys like what SickleYield has done for the Genesis line of figures

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