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    Turlough had commented on the way down that it looked like it was going to be a real pea souper but the comment, like so many of his, was totally incomprehensible to Caoimhe. Despite this, the communication between them was, on the whole extremely good. There were times when they knew what the other was thinking without any words passing between them. Now was a particular example, as he watched her through the open door of his rig, he knew he was about to get precise instructions on how this recon was going to proceed and he already knew what she was going to say.

    Recon HW.jpg
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    Nice Hornet. You really know how to tell a story with your renders. :)
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    Maybe because the pictures are so weak I need to explain them:whistling:.
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    Oh, I don't know if I would say that. ;)
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    I wouldn't say that either. Even the most basic of renders have a story behind them, Hornet. Because you use like using the same character (as a lot of do), that character probably has a biography and you know that characters past, present and future better than anyone. But it's so much more fun and fulfilling to share that story and get feedback. Keep 'em coming, bro!
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    We were talking about frogs and princes in Ken's thread...did not want to post this there... this is an OLD (hard to believe it was 'only' 5 years ago, feels like another life) art piece using V4 and the Bull frog that Bloodsong enhanced I believe... "My Prince Turned into a Frog"....

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    I think one could just dial in sleeves on Dawn (I forget, do we have those morphs?)...and then apply material to each body part- a faster and FREE way of applying a second skin so to speak?

    At any rate, I love your characters and stories Hornet!!
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    Wait a minute! I thought she was a nurse!! Okay, I will ask you directly. What is (are) her profession(s)?
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    I really love this, it is great to see renders that have so much detail. Your eyes are drawn, as they should be, to the main character, it is only later you then look deeper and see the rodents and the birds.
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    Maybe it is just I feel the renders need a explanation.

    I do use the same character a lot and tend to stick with a main character for a couple of years before technology moves on and I feel I need to update. The difficulty is, that if you are story telling it means a break each time you change characters. Other than the need to keep things consistent the other reason I stick with one character is you do get to 'know' them as you suggest. My latest character would normally be ready for a change but I have been so pleased with Dawn and, not having upgraded to Poser 11, there is little extra to be gained by changing. I am so happy with Dawn in fact I have started to go back and recreate scenes using my V4 characters with Dawn as the new heroine.

    As to your other observation about getting to know a character well I am normally quite sane (well that might be going too far as I life at least part of my life in my Poser world) but I do find myself looking Poser content like dresses and thinking, no that is not the sort of thing that my character would wear. It even effects the renders in the sense that I often ask myself how the character would react in a certain situation, really strange how these characters can come to life.
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    Coo someone who follows my stories, I am not sure if I am flattered or worried:).

    I don't think I have ever specified a profession for her, not here at Hivewire anyway. You are however correct that I did state that she did some volunteer work as a nurse...well remembered.

    OK as you have asked a direct question I will try and answer, and if this does not get people to question my sanity nothing will.

    In essence Caoimhe is a time traveler which allows her to have multiple professions, at least on the face of it. More important, to the story at least, is how fate has decided to plan out her present, past and future. She was born into race that not only understood the physical existence of the human soul but a way to harvest souls from the dead, long after death with the right equipment and techniques. As with every such discovery it can be used for both good and evil and, in her world the trend is definitely swayed heavily to the evil design of things. Fate has decided she is a member of a small underground group who's aim is to reverse this trend, often at great cost to their own well being. Members of the group carry mark which they inherit at birth that can only be seen by other members, hence the scorpion mark Caoimhe has on her left shoulder.

    The situation is complicated when Turlough arrives on the scene after saving her younger sister and, as a result is yanked from both his planet and time, earth about now, by accident. Caoimhe is immediately drawn to him as reminds here so much of a previous love, a fellow member who lost his life for the cause some years earlier. Trouble is that he appears to know things that he should not know, have skills that someone from his time should not posses but when challenges he appears genuinely not to understand or be able to explain (there is a good reason for this but this revelation come at the end of the story and we are only part way through the journey). Conversely there are aspects of his new life that overwhelm him, he hates using teleportation devices despite their widespread use and is not comfortable with many other devices and practices of her time, understandable considering his origins. This leaves Caoimhe wondering if she should fear him, trust him, mother him or maybe even just love him.
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    Thanks for the favorable comments, I like feedback of any sort but the nice ones are always a little better, of course.

    You are right, applying a material to a body part would certainly be a way of getting the same result as a second skin and has the advantage of being free. I suspect there are other ways too, I fell across this software that had already purchased but otherwise I think that is way I would approach it if I had no software to create it. I guess the one benefit for me is that I am not playing with the material of the base figure and I can make the second skin invisible with a couple of clicks in the preview window which instantly reverts that part of the figure to the normal skin material. I just think using skins like this is another tool to have whichever way you decide to use it.
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    Cool, just one question for you Hornet. At one point Turlough wasn't looking too well and Caoimhe was very worried. I lost this thread at that point and was just wondering what happened :)
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    Well to be honest, even if you had not lost the thread you would not be any further forward. I was in the process of creating a photo book at the time and a semi self imposed time frame so that part of the story sort of fell off the radar. Having done so many renders in a short period of time I then took a break.

    So back on track, Turlough was ill because the nanobots used to keep people healthy in Caoimhe's world was attacking his body. They did come up with trail version of nanobots that might work but the medical staff felt that Turlough was too far gone for the new nanobots to work. One nurse commented that is was shame as she was sure the new nanobots would have worked had they have known about the problem when he had first arrived.

    Caoimhe then had a thought that getting him back to day one may just be possible. Her plan was to take him back to his world and time and 'reinfect him with the bacteria and other microorganisms' She put this plan into action but had to 'borrow a ship' along with some equipment. Arriving in in his world she had to find a place where she could work undiscovered, luckily a abandoned bunker turned out to be just the place.

    Bunker HW.jpg
    To be continued........
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    awesome renders :flower02:

    My Carrara render today comes to you by the letter 'B' :bee:

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    LOL!!! FUN!
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    Today I have created the full subdivided TriAx DS version of my Universal Chibi Head, and this is its first render using Gen3F body and Iray. It supports all the features from the Poser version, and is compatible with the skin tones from the Universal Anime Head.

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    Lovely image and nice set...love the back ground imfo for these two images. What is the set might I ask?

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