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How The Hivewire Horse (harry) Came To Be.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time

OK Rae, was that loud enough? Do you think everyone heard it??? :D

Believe it or not, I think it would make a fun add-on. I'd certainly use it for the heck of it, as it would make for a fun holiday card. ;)


That caribou would be a good start for an elk, too (the American kind, what I believe is called wapiti elsewhere--not what Europeans call "elk" and we North Americans call "moose"--gotta love confusing terminology :p ).


Love him, and his antlers!! I'd be happy to pay extra for the the antler morphs-a herd would look great with a variety of antlers.
Crossing my fingers he'll be out for Christmas-- but Easters good too!!!

carmen indorato

read a story of a dark hunt whereby St. Nick called by his Fey name went on the Dark Hunt astride an elk....an image stuck in my dry brain matter. I would love to see a nice fantasy tac for this critter when it is done and a morph to make it look more fierce and rough rode!