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How The Hivewire Horse (harry) Came To Be.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Interesting article Satira. I liked some of them, including the one you posted.


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Awesome work Chris...

@Stezza , lol...too funny.

Hair can be done through LAMH/Poser Hair or Fibermesh from ZBrush and can be used for many things. Mec4D has some process she uses that dials back the memory usage iirc she mentioned it when she was posting here.


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Forgive me if I have missed seeing this some where but, just out of curiosity, was there any particular breed that Harry was based off?


HW Honey Bear
Morgan I think. With a number of other breeds mixed in, like Andalusian and what all.


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Looks fantastic so far!! Love the horns and the look of the face.

I would suggest more of a hump though to the area around the shoulders and neck they are very muscular through there as most of your beef cattle are. I can see an Angus from here though you need more of a square body type ........but hmm maybe a Sana Gertrudis would be an easier jump.
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HW Honey Bear
Looking fantastic, Chris... I did notice that although the hooves of these bulls are tiny.... they seem to be a LITTLE bit too tiny... maybe enlarge them a LITTLE tiny bit? It's a lot of weight to support...
or it may be the hoof spreads out a bit more on the bottom half?