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WIP HiveWire Dragon Begins


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@Minyassa, Oh love that image!!! Kind of a cross between a Phoenix and a Dragon!! Very graceful!! I could also see some with butterfly wings. Are you familiar with the Forgotten Realms series? Darkwalker on Moonshae? The fairy dragon Newt is described as being about six inches tall and has butterfly wings and changes color like a lizard.
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Gadget Girl

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That's a really cool dragon Minyassa. Since the hivewire dragon will be a relation of the dog, I think a greyhound torso won't be a problem, and the dragon should be able to get those claws from the kitty. But I think a definite yes to a longer thinner option for the head. Of course that's going to be the best part I think, we'll all be able to create custom critters by combing morphs from the different animals.


@NapalmArsenal I haven't read any of the FR books but I know about faerie dragons...I'm not sure if I was inspired (headwise) by an old illustration from some D&D source somewhere or more by the original covers (the non-Michael Whelan ones) of Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall trilogy with the fire lizards. I looooooooved those old fire lizards with their long thin everything and huge eyes!

Here's one of those covers I'm talking about: http://www.e-reading.ws/cover/80/80523.jpg

Edited to add cover artist after looking her up! Elizabeth Malczynski and here's a whole gallery of her beautiful slender dragonets! paintings | Elizabeth Malczynski Littman


Wolff Playing with Beez!
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Yes, those are the kinds of dragons I prefer. Lithe and beautiful. Some of the dragons released by DAZ are just so bulky and muscular you wonder how they fly! lol

carmen indorato

Yes, yes. Love your ideas here right? Paul was saying the same thing about the Cerberus!
oh yessss!
cereberus is a must have. LOVE THOSE MYTHICAL BEASTS!!!!!
but please widen the chest areA before putting heads on to make room for the three necks and big heads so they don't look like they are falling off the sides of the chest or rubbing ears! :)


Contributing Artist
Cool...I know that in games they often use layered mapping like that which is why I asked.

carmen indorato

If I recall which is difficult with my growing brain drain.....these are all from Harry?
I saw this image in fantasy creatures which as you must all have guessed by now is something I love, and though to share it here as a possibility I would love to play with if all the animal morphs could be injected as needed in any one of the final animal figures to create combinations like this.
The lion was too cool to ignore too.

horse dragon griffin borg.jpg