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WIP HiveWire Dragon Begins


There has been a lot of discussion over the years on what to call a gathering of dragons. The answer it seems depends on the source or fictional setting a great deal. Some of my favorites though, are:
• Clutch or Brood for hatchlings or eggs.
Flight, Wing, or Cloud for a gathering of adult dragons are the more common terms used.
Clan, if it is a family or tribe of intelligent dragons
Dignity, or Circle, if the dragons are very old and sentient, as they are very wise and often in a ruler-ship or advisory position.

My own personal use in the Whyrmwood Cycle - It was a Cycle of dragons, a pestilence a thousand thousand years in the making.

Just my thoughts.
I call it a hallucination.... or a really bad trip.:sneaky:


A rider could do that but the creature would have a hard time either flapping it's wings or moving its front legs.


Contributing Artist
@sandman_max , Welcome to the hive! =)

Are you familiar with the Larry Elmore dragons? They tend to have the cat like feet and many of Todd McFarlane's dragon models also sport that feature.

Yes, he is going to be quite the creation with all the morphs included you can have a huge range of dragons in your stable. Hopefully there will be some dragon rider attire and saddles to boot!

carmen indorato

This one is half Dragon with Snout Beak, and half Boxer Dog.

View attachment 11325 View attachment 11326 View attachment 11327
Chris this combo of morphs would be cool to extend in creating more options. I can see it going into what DAZ did with the Gargoyle Hound or the War Hound. I love those little creature and use them all the time. I just wish they had more expansion options like more realistic texture varieties and character development morphs to bring it to look a bit more like a real world dog or cat...sorta hybrids. If in the case of the Gargoyle hound or this cool morph you are showing here, a modified mane and chest groin/hair with trans-mapping to work with whatever textures were applied (I think of the Battle Hound there with coarse tufted body hair) could be offered as an expansion pak it would have offered a lot more functionality.
Again not a criticism but tossing some ideas to the wall to see if they stick! LOL


Sorry, what are you referring to Teyon?
Hey, sorry for being late to reply back:

Apparently I was responding to either an old post. There was a shot with a dragon and its wings were placed very near the scapula, which would have made the motion of either moving the legs or moving the wings likely a painful for the creature. Just ignore me though, as it doesn't seem to apply anymore. Serves me right for being late to the show. :D