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WIP HiveWire Dragon Begins


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We've been wanting to create a dragon for a long time now. So I started this on my muse time tonight rather than working on the skeleton for Dusk. I'm currently morphing this from the Big Cat mesh I did. I'll take this as far as I can before I chop it up and add in more mesh to get a proper neck length.



Dream Weaver Designs
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Ooooo Ohh yay!! I LOVE the fact that he still has a bit of a feline look to the face, have all ways felt that most dragons are bit too lizzardy in their looks


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Excited about this project. But then, I'm excited about each one of them for various reasons. Hope to get back on this today. But for now gotta make some lunch.


HW Honey Bear
Oh my gosh Chris!! He is just fantastic!! (Try saying the word for"!" Several times in a row out loud!) … "Dragon-Lyne" here :) I'm so excited I had to get the headset on and speak out loud about this new Dragon!! Did I say he's fantastic? I love his smirk, my friend said the same thing on the phone this morning-because I had to call her and say "oh my gosh I love the Dragon!"… We are not excited or anything!
:happyflip::bounce::happyflip::bounce::happyflip::applause::applause::applause::bee::squee:Oh yeah and…:doesnotsuck:!!
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