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HiveWire 'Depth of Field' Render Challenge: CLOSED


Busy Bee
OOOps, Sorry for the double posting but I forgot to mark this as,
"Final Render"
Title: In the Beginning
In the Beginning 103z.jpg


I just tried creating a '...depth-map for postwork that respects the transparency...' as I mentioned in the previous post. A picture speaks a thousand words, so...

First, I had to do two separate Z Depth renders, one with the hair visible and one with it invisible, and then I created a mask by switching off all background objects and lights and rendering. I had to do a little fiddle with the mask in GIMP (invert it, overlay it on a black background, and tweak levels), and then I used it to combine the two depth maps as shown below:

View attachment 12410

I then used the resultant depth map along with my basic render (without DoF) and the Focus Blur plugin. Here's a comparison of a straight PP2014 render with DoF, and my postwork DoF version:

View attachment 12411

I'm now quite happy to use either method !

I don't know if anyone mentioned the Advanced Render Settings plugin by Shaderworks. It will create a Z depth pass that respects the transparency of hair and other items (as well as many other functions). It's still available at RDNA.


"Why's He Waving So Frantically?"
(final render)
View attachment 13604
PP2014 render, no postwork (so I used the built-in DoF. I set focal length to 1.4 to get a really narrow dof))
(I saw 1955's "Revenge Of The Creature"and my earlier plans went out the window... :)
The Poser Creep (I think that's what he's called, right?) has always reminded me of those awful lakelurks from Fallout: New Vegas. ;)


That's a great render Rae, and yes the challenge ended on the 26th.
Ha! Looks like I was caught out by that too since my entry was posted on 27th at 8.48pm - I think that's in S.E. Asia time, but even taking into account the time zone I still missed the deadline.
Never mind, this was an inspiring challenge (which is one of the main purposes of a challenge) and I've added a few new tools to my render toolbox because of it :)


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And let the judging commence! The Render Challenge judging album has been set up and Pen and Dawn will soon be in the throes of it all. Good luck to all the entrants :)