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  1. Autumn ride.jpg

    Autumn ride.jpg

  2. Pineforest


    I used to love riding through the pine plantation next to my grandfathers holiday place.
  3. Glitter Ponies

    Glitter Ponies

    Precious Clyde (and Precious Unicorn without horn)
  4. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Future Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Future Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Foal morph
  5. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Fantasy Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Fantasy Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Beast morph with Kitty Ponies Tiger Texture
  6. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Pony Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Pony Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Shetland morph
  7. War Pony

    War Pony

  8. Call Of The Jungle

    Call Of The Jungle

  9. Kitty Puppy

    Kitty Puppy

  10. Tiger Tiger

    Tiger Tiger

  11. Glow Pony

    Glow Pony

    Horn, Hooves, Mane, Tail, Fetlocks and Butterflies changed to Emissives, and are the only light source.
  12. Kitty Ponies - Tiger

    Kitty Ponies - Tiger

    3Delight Render
  13. Kitty Ponies - Lion

    Kitty Ponies - Lion

    3Delight Render
  14. Kitty Ponies - Leopard

    Kitty Ponies - Leopard

    3Delight Render
  15. Kitty Ponies - Clouded

    Kitty Ponies - Clouded

    3Delight Render
  16. Friends


    The new HiveWire Gorilla and my Clouded Leopard
  17. Fours Company

    Fours Company

    some of the Kitty Pony textures (I accidentally left the Black Leopards eyelash as 3Delight shading, it should be Iray)
  18. Kitty Ponies

    Kitty Ponies

    My Leopard and Tiger Kitty Ponies textures.
  19. Leopard Uni

    Leopard Uni

    Close up of my new Kitty Ponies Leopard texture
  20. Rae134

    Rae's Fantasy Ponies

    Hello, well this is a bit scary for me. I've never done anything like this before - ever! :unsure: I'm going to be developing some fantasy textures for our wonderful Harry, starting with my "Kitty Ponies". The first set I'm planing is on "natural" big cat textures with a Tiger and Leopard...