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War Pony
this is a nice horse set. If I can make a suggestion here if you want the the hide blanket to look more conforming and are like me unable to figure out magnets or morph brush, try turning off shadows just for the blanket.
Am I to assume this is the spoken of War Horse set? Is it in the store yet of not when do you think? I have picked up the sets over at 'Rosity and the painted textures for MilHorse1 already which is more likely what I will be using for my project mostly for technical reasons. Will this set be workable for MilHorse1 as well as Harry?
@carmen indorato No this is not the new set for Harry. It is the Native Costume for the MilHorse by Daio (I think its the Version 2). There is a different collar and saddle with the blanket that I've hidden. And the texture is one I created from Harry's black texture (mane/tail postworked).
I've only just got Poser so don't know how to use it properly yet. I'm going with a gust of wind got under the front and is blowing the blanket up :p
Ok. It is your art so you can go with what you want dear. Just throwing some simple get-arounds from someone who does not know the complicated stuff like morph brush or morph tool and is forced to be real creative how ti fix things to avoid too much post headaches!

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