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  1. Woods Creature

    Woods Creature

  2. The Great Lake

    The Great Lake

    The Great Lake by JeffersonAF
  3. Storm


    HiveWire Foal and DH2
  4. Forest Leopards

    Forest Leopards

  5. UpperMedow


  6. F

    Daz Studio d-force Horseblanket for HiveWire Horse and Foal

    Horseblanket contains two different styles of blanket, one better suited for the foal, the other for the big horse. for use please read the ReadMe file. http://individualingua.ch/privat/Horse Accessories for HiveWireHorse.zip


    Gorgeous textures for the tulips by Napalm Arsenal. http://hivewire3d.com/shop/passion-storm-for-lisa-s-botanicals-tulips.html
  8. Foals


  9. Black & White

    Black & White

    The new Big Dog wearing the House Cat's tuxedo textures, House Cat and Kittens and Horse and Foal
  10. Early Morning Start

    Early Morning Start

  11. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Future Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Future Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Foal morph
  12. Gypsy Mother & Foal

    Gypsy Mother & Foal

  13. Relaxing Together

    Relaxing Together

  14. Arab Mare And Foal

    Arab Mare And Foal

    trying out the new Flaxen Liver Chestnut textures
  15. Learning With Daddy

    Learning With Daddy

  16. Two Spirits

    Two Spirits

  17. Mare and Foal

    Mare and Foal

    Work in progress- poses for the Hivewire Horse and Hivewire Foal. This pair of poses is based on a famous painting by Landseer.
  18. HaiGan

    HaiGan's Horsefeathers: Christmas for the Shetland Pony!

    Hai Gan's Poser Pages I'd not found the time to properly get to work on a repair or replacement for my old freebies website after the previous CMS version broke as the result of an automated update. Yesterday I decided to go old-school and throw together a fairly basic HTML link page for pretty...
  19. Playmates


  20. Tiger Tiger

    Tiger Tiger