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RELEASED Hivewire Big Cat Has Begun!


HW3D President
Staff member
Amazing work on this cub there Laurie. From top to bottom, this is outstanding.

For some strange reason, I'm feeling the weird urge to share this image on FB. Huh, imagine that. Perhaps I should follow this feeling and get to posting this image to show what will be coming.

Yes, I think I will.


HW Honey Bear
LAMH also doesn't work directly in Iray. And getting it to do so -- or creating a reliable work-around is higher priority for them at the moment. I'm finding it pretty touchy, but am gradually finding where I have to change things from the default settings to get it to behave.

But then, I still work in 3DLight and that was what it was originally built for.

I know that the developers *were* working on a Poser version, but never heard whether they got one running before Smith Micro threw Superfly into the equation.


Thank you sooo much for working on the LAMH pre sets- I find LAMH just so totally confusing and can't bring myself to spend any more of the little free time I have on it ( it's me- not the program) And the fur brings so much value to the Hive animals!
I am sure that I am not alone in appreciating your work on these presets!


Awesome Addition! Now can we have that for Harry too Sparky? Need a beefed up QH (like those overly muscled ones I hate in real life but would look awesome on a fantasy warhorse!)
That is a great idea, Rae134!
And we used to have some 'old King Ranch' style working Quarter horses. They were very muscular compared to te modern horses. Absolutely gorgeous creatures and after a day on the range in the summer when their coats were fine, you would see every vein running along the muscles- wish we'd had cell phones to take pictures back then!


Contributing Artist
Congratulations guys!! Love this!! Time to upload the Lady and the Lion poses !!! Beautiful mats and imagery!!
Refined the muscle groups a bit, especially on the back. Kinda tricky to get the muscle groups to retain as much definition as I want after subdivision...

View attachment 38783
View attachment 38784
Can you do this for the horse Sparky? I really want a good roping and cutting horse definition and also the rib/vein morphs for the Akhal Teke?