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RELEASED Hivewire Big Cat Has Begun!

Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by Chris, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. tripleslash

    tripleslash New-Bee

    Thank you very much for the nice welcome.

    As I said.. I am very much a fan of your work.

    The cool thing about the Chauvet cave lions is that they are extinct animals from the ice age which which has been depicted by people who actually lived at that time. I.e its a primary source of information regarding the appearance.

    Or that was... until october 2015 where two frozen mummified lion cubs, named Uyan and Dinam were found, who might provide DNA which can be used to clone the beast.... but that's another story.
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  2. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    interesting! where were they found?
  3. Stezza

    Stezza Extraordinary

    I crossed the HW Big Cat with an apple!

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  4. Janet

    Janet Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    That's just what the HW big cat needs, an apple morph! :)
    Dakorillon (IMArts) likes this.
  5. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I want to know where you come up with these ideas Stezza.
    Rae134 and Dakorillon (IMArts) like this.
  6. Stezza

    Stezza Extraordinary

    that one sprung into my mind this arvo after reading a post in the Carrara board... over yonder

    weird hey...
    Dakorillon (IMArts) likes this.
  7. Rowan54

    Rowan54 Dragon Queen Contributing Artist

    Actually, I do NOT want to know where he gets his ideas. I have enough difficulties dealing with that old borderland between reality and imagination now....

    Love the picture, though. Looks like something out of one my weirder dreams.
    Stezza and Dakorillon (IMArts) like this.
  8. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Co-Founder

    Love it. An apple that will bite you back.

    Oh, watch out!!!

    Sweet and bitter all in one. "Sweet BITER"
    Stezza and Faery_Light like this.
  9. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    Well that Will keep the doctor away.
    Stezza and Faery_Light like this.
  10. sapat

    sapat Adventurous QAV-BEE

    So I assume this is much worse than finding a worm in your apple?? :eek:
    Stezza and Faery_Light like this.
  11. Alisa

    Alisa HW3D QAV Queen Bee QAV-BEE

    LOL @ the image and comments.
  12. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Co-Founder

    Look what Laurie has worked up for us all. One of several images that she's been producing. Wow, and double WOW!! Taka for Dusk and our soon to be released HiveWire Lion. Both showcasing Laurie's map work well.

    She calls this image "Tarzan And The Golden Lion".


    Bless your amazing talents Laurie.
  13. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Absolutely beautiful!
  14. Freyfaxi

    Freyfaxi Adventurous

    *drools* ( and not over Tarka :)) That lion is looking awesome :)
    Dakorillon (IMArts) likes this.
  15. Ken1171

    Ken1171 Distinguished Contributing Artist

    They are both the kings of the jungle! ^_______^
    Dakorillon (IMArts), Miss B and Chris like this.
  16. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

  17. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I couldn't agree more!! :D
    Dakorillon (IMArts) likes this.
  18. FairyFantastic

    FairyFantastic Energetic

  19. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Co-Founder

    Oh baby!! Sweet image by FairyFantastic of our HiveWire Lion Family. She's on our Beta team and she worked this one up as a test in DAZ Studio today.

    So close now peeps.

    big cats.png

  20. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    looks gooooooood!

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