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RELEASED Hivewire Big Cat Has Begun!

carmen indorato

Also have you all seen the scene in Jurassic Park film now out where a Tyranasaurus is shouting across a narrow ravine at the lion on the other side? I loved that scene and can't wait to see what it was and where it went. Now I wanna recreate that scene to just be able to look at it!


Monster Maker
Contributing Artist
I was thinking of creating a new scifi like image and have been using the DAZ Big Cat. But if The Hivewire Big cat has what I need I will pick it up since I will need to get it to use the cool Lion. I need for it to have well pronounced BIG rippling muscles and morphs so the muscles look more massive and well defined. The final creature will have a beard of sorts and ram horns for final render....as I say SCI-fI!
I have not seen this feature in any of the renders but thought.....HOPED....it was because it was not something the users wanted to highlight in their renders. So decided to just ask here.

Sorta like this:

View attachment 35920
Like this?



HW Honey Bear
A couple more beauts here showing our Lion that is so close to release now.

This first one is by one of our testers sapat.

View attachment 38740

And this gorgeous image is by tparo.
View attachment 38741

Wow to both of these artists. We thank you both for your artistry and for your QAV work.
soooo gorgeous...it's PAINFUL waiting!!! Sure could use the new kitties during my FOUR day water pipe re-plumbing of my home....I could ignore all the new holes in my downstairs ceiling much easier with lions to play with! ;)


Contributing Artist
Awesome Addition! Now can we have that for Harry too Sparky? Need a beefed up QH (like those overly muscled ones I hate in real life but would look awesome on a fantasy warhorse!)


HW3D Exclusive Artist
This features the custom Lion Cub character I came up with for our upcoming Lion Family that Paul converted for us- thank you Paul! (The Lion Cub character will be included with the Lion Family -will require the Cub morph set as well). I played with using my WIP Cougar LAMH preset here for fun.:)