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RELEASED Hivewire Big Cat Has Begun!


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So I've been playing around over the last several days with our breed morphs. Thought I'd make a simple video to show off several shapes that I've morphed from this Big Cat. So I actually downloaded DAZ/Studio 4.10 and purchased aniMate2. Here's my first go at showing our morphs in this manner. I'd like to do more now with our Harry. Lots of shapes from our Horse. I'd like to do the same with Dawn, Dusk, Baby Luna, Gorillas, Mr. Pugley, and Ruckus. Also Creature head shapes, and then expression morphs. I think it's a fun way to visually consume what we're doing here with getting the most out of our core shapes.



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That is so cool to see, Chris. I liked the ending where the heads changed from Dusk to Dragon to Lion and then that awesome mane popped on! Sweet!

Deleted member 325

Would asking for some ghost bones for easier animation be out of line at this point?


If you ever want to dig into extinct felines, I would recommend checking out the chauvet cave lions

The mane is probably quite short.. you might see hints of it in the cave painting. or it might only depict female lions.

Personally I would just love to see a cheetah

In any case I'm a fan of your work!
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Yes, indeed. Welcome tripleslash.

Thanks for your comments.

Very cool cave lions. Wow!