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Hai Gan's Products at HiveWire 3D

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Congrats on becoming a HiveWire CA HaiGan. I'll definitely be getting them before the sale's over. ;)

Doodle Designs

Contributing Artist
Congrats on your first HiveWire product!

I've always loved it when I see horses nibble on each other's withers. So cute!


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Thank you everyone! (Is there a blush smilie?)

I've always loved it when I see horses nibble on each other's withers. So cute!
You might like this one then, which will not be my next set, but is from another horse set that I have in the works (I think I'm okay posting WIPs here?).

Little and Large 1.png
This pose is for the HiveWire Horse Draft and Shetland Pony. The texture on the Shetland comes with that character, the one on the Shire is from CWRW's Ultra Textures 1. The idea for the whole set is to have horses of very different heights interacting, unlike the first set which was designed for two horses of the same size.

NEXT set up should be one for Diva and Luna together. Here's a peek:


(Hair is Penny Hair scaled to fit, the dress and flip-flop is from the freebie set by Glitterati, rug and floor are just textures and displacements applied to a scaled square prop.