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Hai Gan's Products at HiveWire 3D


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More 'in progress' shots, partly to cheer me up as I tussle with an uncooperative Dusk for a different set (I'm probably not asking him the right way):


This set should be great for those wanting some high octane horse and rider poses, with lots of fast acceleration and sharp cornering! Poses will be included for rider, western saddle, western bridle, horse, tail and mane, and the set will come with barrels, barrel textures (the Firefly versions are shown in these images), a ground plane including hoof tracks- you can see progression on the early test version in the images above- and a ready set up cloverleaf.

Now, if someone could do a nice western shirt for Dawn, please, that would be great!


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That's an awesome image and a great pose! Love the lighting and the sense of action. Is the dust splatter postworked?
I'll message you!

Thanks! The only postwork is the dust- Ron Deviney's Powder Brushes- and some bokeh lights in the back, again by Deviney. The rest is a straight Poser render.

Edited to add- All HiveWire products too! (except the PS brushes)
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Don't know if you want it- I don't have time to do pose sets now- but here is my reining slide stop. You can change it too anyway you want/it's yours to work with and sell in this set if you want.. lmk!

View attachment 25188
Love how this one turned out!! It's very authentic !!

Ahh that reminds me I have that barrel racing image I need to finish because the Western Tack was not out yet. I'm not sure if I saved out the pose or not you can use if you want. The tighter the turn the more ground you save.

Looking forward to these!!

Barrel Horse copy.jpg

Ah errmm...... have you ever seen cutting horses? Talk about tight stop and start action!

This one is called i'm just about to pounce!
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(Shhh... one day I'll FINISH another set... still not got the rein poses to work on the horse ones). These are both clothing and poses- just a snippet of the sets- I'm guessing it would be best to make them available separately (clothes and poses, I mean). The clothes are dynamic and for Dawn and Alexis. Would anyone be interested in texturing?

Dance1 1.png Dance5 1.png

Miss B

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I'm liking those poses. As far as packaging them separately, I guess that would work. Packaging them together would be better if the poses specifically pertain to the clothing. They could always be set up as a Stack in the store. That's something you'd probably have to ask Alisa about, as she would know better than I as to the best way to present them.