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Hmmm...thanks for the info GG...I'll think about it. I could probably dial in the mcm in poser and export it then rehook it in DS...I haven't been totally happy with the recent dynamic plugins for DS. VW's is promising but it still has a lot of bugs.

No problem, that's why I thought I'd be upfront with issues that I thought you might run into. Some stuff is easy to convert, and some isn't. I'll have to keep in mind the idea of dialing in settings in Poser and then saveing them out to be used as a morph in DS for other stuff though. Actually, I'm getting back to a project that is both DS and Poser. I lost (by which I mean deleted) the morphs that I had originally brought over from Poser, and was going to have to add them in again, and this is probably the easiest way.


Contributing Artist
What I do with morphs that I convert is dial them in Poser, save and then export the cr2. Open the cr2 in DS...if it will let me I will use the transfer utility to transfer morphs but it doesn't seem to work well with some poser files, in which case I export the object and then reimport it as a morph. Then it would just be a case of rehooking up the MCM. Josh Darling iirc has a video on that which is very good. It's more the time spent that concerns me at the moment as I don't have a lot of spare time.