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  1. Flutter La Femme

    Flutter La Femme

    Dynamic Collection Flutter La Femme by kaleya
  2. HaiGan

    Poser & DS Summer Dress for Alexis 2018-08-05

    Get dressed for summer with this simple sun dress for Alexis (the 3D Universe character for Dawn). Poser and DS dForce versions included.
  3. Ken1171

    RELEASED Dog Bandana

    Make your doggy cuter! ^___^ I am at finishing touches with the upcoming conformed Dog Bandana for the HW Big Dog. It's already in internal beta-testing, and should soon go to the store QAV. Besides the bandana, I provide 7 material presets for different colors, and a template so you can...
  4. Jockey Silks

    Jockey Silks

    I needed jockey silks for a current project. Dynamic cloth, created in Marvelous Designer. I didn't have a sewing pattern to work from, so used a combination of pattern knowledge of similar garments and photographic references. Buttons via displacement mapping.
  5. spearcarrier

    DAZ dynamic cloth hair, defeated!

    So I upgraded to Windows 10, and it took my external hard drive with it. I lost a lot of important stuff, including the remapped working of Bunny Girl I was gonna share with her creator. It also took my dynamic hair project, which I've been working on a for a long while. Lucky for me I...
  6. spearcarrier

    A streak of fruitless dynamics

    Recently I've fully come to appreciate the joy of dynamic cloth. The fact that I can convert a lot of poser items to DAZ has brought my appreciation to full bloom. So I've scoured sharecg.com and renderosity for all free dynamic items I can find. And with some still unopened, I have yet to...
  7. HaiGan

    Poser Dynamic Nightie for Diva 2017-02-26

    Cute lace-edged traditional nightie! A dynamic clothing prop for Pendraia Fae's Diva character (for Dawn, available at the store here). Includes two textures and material files to apply them. (Hair in the image is the Alexis hair that comes with the Alexis character by 3D Universe, also...
  8. Ao Dai for Baby Luna

    Ao Dai for Baby Luna

    A firefly render of all five brocade options for my Ao Dai for Baby Luna
  9. Kombat


    Testing out my dynamic outfit for Sora
  10. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl's products at Hivewire

    So my first product is now live in the Hivewire store. Random Hive is a Poser script that I hope will help inspire people. A little later today I'll post some renders using Diva but I thought I'd start by talking about the why and what I hope my script will help people do. A few months ago when...
  11. Jump


    A slightly modified version of Dawn's jump pose on Luna.
  12. CrawlTop


    Same pose, this tim from the top so you can see some of the dropping better.
  13. CrawlSide


    A test of my dynamic outfit with Luna in her crawling pose.
  14. VortigensBane

    Pulling back the Drapes: The Cloth Room

    I thought it would be fun (and informative) to start a thread solely about Poser's Cloth Room. I have had a lot of fun (and headaches) using it, and while I wouldn't consider myself an expert, there are a few things that I have learned along the way. I thought this could be a good place to...