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A streak of fruitless dynamics


Recently I've fully come to appreciate the joy of dynamic cloth. The fact that I can convert a lot of poser items to DAZ has brought my appreciation to full bloom.

So I've scoured sharecg.com and renderosity for all free dynamic items I can find. And with some still unopened, I have yet to satisfy my dynamic lust. More! I need more!

I have searched through the store annals at renderosity and have many in my fairly expensive wish list, but more! I need more!

I found a couple of items here at hivewire... but more! More!

What I'm saying is... does anyone know of any that are hiding anywhere? Purchase, free... if I can't buy them I'll bookmark them for paydays to come.

Boogity. Boogity.

Oh. And I'm also looking for A3, H3 stuff. Most of the things out there have disappeared due to age, but I on the other hand have a working Kioki model I recently converted to triax and then back to general weight etc etc as I will be using her a lot. A lot. A LOT. I've also already scoured sharecg, renderosity,etc.... you know the deal.... boogity.


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I often export conforming outfits as obj, and then re-import and run as dynamic cloth. If you use the right settings, it welds the vertices and everything works great. The best part of that method is that you can run practically anything through the simulator...


Welcome to the world of dynamics spearcarrier! Don't overlook our own Lully here at the Hive and Frequency at 'Rosity. Both amongst the best in the business! :applause:


Thanks for the welcome, Mytho. LOL... Vortigens: I do that as well but it's not as good with a success rate as I would prefer. I've been remodeling a lot of things, especially hair (because dynamic toon hair is very coveted in my house). And yet... just having the stuff be ready to work with would be nice. I need some complicated things: swashbuckling jackets, etc... things with buttons and wotnot that will fall off and are difficult to fuse on without making the object look bad.


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Go here
Advanced Search

Type "dynamic" in the short description or the description (a few items will pop up that may have a dynamic option or it may have been used differently :))

We have lots of dynamic outfits here by a number of our awesome CAs :)

Nerd 3D, Sunfire, Lully, kobaltkween, Esha, Satira, and Gadget Girl

A few others have one or two items as well - not meaning to leave anyone out.


Well now! That certainly yielded a more fruitful search than the other one I did in the shop. LOL!!

Decisions decisions... but it's a start. But soon, after I get these babies... I'm going to want... more....


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Lots of freebies by OptiTex, the creators of the Dynamic Clothing Control plugin, here:

OptiTex Dynamic Clothes

That's a LOT of freebies, in both Poser and DS formats- thank you for the link! I'm getting 'page not found' errors on that site for anything to do with the store or store links, though, is anyone else finding the same thing?

Doodle Designs

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I'm getting 'page not found' errors on that site for anything to do with the store or store links, though, is anyone else finding the same thing?
They sell their dynamic clothing on Daz's website. I don't think the store on their website has worked for a long time.


Try Whatever3d.com and search for "dynamic". Don't forget that the clothing or figure can many times be made to fit long enough to run the sim. Also poser has a hybrid dynamic function that allows a dress, for instance, to be made dynamic while the torso and arms of the clothing remain conforming.


Yep, already combed optitex. And they have indeed stopped supporting their dynamic system for a long time. Word on the street is someone has bought out the dynamic plugin rights, but we'll have to wait until next year to see what that means.

Going into poser and making things dynamic is pretty nice. I've made a hair prop dynamic in that way. The difference between DAZ's dynamics and Poser's is that in DAZ if the object is not fused together, it will fall apart no matter what you do. In Poser you can constrain different areas to prevent that. There is no hybrid with DAZ. This is why I'm looking for, very specifically, straight dynamic props. It is my hope the new optitex owners will look at that and take example.

There is a plugin for DAZ that also enables that sort of behavior, but on top of me finding it overly complicated it crashes when I try to do the things I want it to do. It also only lets you simulate one piece at a time, and once you get it simulated there's no going back. Way too limited. So it's not for me. It still has its use, though. Just not for the full on simulation.

Going to try this whatever3d.com now... here's hoping. Although I suspect I've simply mined all the dynamic veins out. I hope someone will make more complicated looking dynamic props in the future. Most of the things I've found were dresses, and not even complicated ones at that.


Yes, it's the conversion script that has me into dynamics being as my options opened up nicely. I wasn't interested so long as I was unable to also do hair. But seriously. I hate VWD.


Yeah there are a lot of people who like VWD, and I *knew* when I started this thread one of you would come out of the woodwork and turn the topic away from its intended purpose. =^-^= But I intensely dislike it. Let me count the ways.

1. The creator has admitted to me in person that he limited the program to "save RAM". Which I think should be up to me if I want to have an object collide against more than one object. Which I can't.
2. Crashes. Too much. Especially when trying to convert hair. I never use it for hair.
3. If you pay attention in animations, the objects will bounce apart at the seams if they're not fused from time to time.
4. Can't animate more than one object at a time on top of not being able to collide against more than one object.
5. Once you simulate that's it. you're done. Wih Optitex I simulate numerous times until I get a look I like. Poser, too.
6. If I run the test I can't simulate. I have to start over to simulate. Just no.
7. Overcomplicated settings - and they even differ from the French version to the English one just enough to present a problem to yours truly.
8. Hard to see interface when I'm trying to see how things look in DAZ at the same time. Too tiny!

If I could get it to run I guarantee I will find other faults with it that make it 99% no good for my purposes.

However. It *is* good for creating a new prop that can covert using the Dyncreator when Dyncreator won't work. But that brings me to:

9. Likes to lose uvmapping. There's just something about being able to use the same mats for my objects without having to use the geometry editor that I'm pretty fond of.

But I'm sure that' s just me... and all the other people that hate VWD (we're out there). I have found Optitex to be a much more powerful engine when it comes to the two no matter what people say just because of my work flow alone. And I've managed to figure out how to make dynamic hair with it, although that's time consuming. So I have both and use both for whatever I need, but when it comes to animation Optitex is my go to.

Which is why the original purpose of the thread. =^-^= The great quest to find clothing that's not made of separate parts "linked" together as opposed to fused.... My Christmas wish would be to find someone who would say "Okay what do you need?" I'd supply a sketch ... they'd supply an object... they could sell said object if they desired... etc.


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I certainly can't deny VWD has its limitations. As I write I am rendering a scene that has three or four days' worth of trial and error sims in it.

With regard to making items dynamic, though, I have found that one can also conform an outfit, pose the figure, etc., and then 1.) convert the figure to a prop; 2.) assign all the vertices to one surface group; 3.) run it through your simulator of choice. For some reason, putting all the vertices in one surface group keeps them from exploding apart at the body part seams. While I don't understand why it works, I know that it does. Probably the most valuable feature of the Optitex cloth is that you can drape all the items fit to a figure all together, one frame at a time. That can save lots of trouble from object collisions. If I could have that, VWD's ability to drag vertices around during a simulation, and someone who would make whatever I could draw, I would certainly be a very happy little puppy... :)

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Going to try this whatever3d.com now... here's hoping. Although I suspect I've simply mined all the dynamic veins out. I hope someone will make more complicated looking dynamic props in the future. Most of the things I've found were dresses, and not even complicated ones at that.

There's actually been a recent discussion of about making some rococo dresses for dawn, and whether they should be conforming or dynamic, and it included some talk about why dynamics often are fairly simple here. That doesn't mean more complicated dynamic outfits shouldn't be made, but there is a perception that once buttons and stuff are added that it gets to complicated to use.


OMG three or four days worth of trial... nuuuuu... I've outgrown that. I've so outgrown that. You must have the patience of Methuselah.

I considered your suggestion of putting everything into the same surface tab but quickly realized this would be a real issue. I'd lose the ability to tell buttons to be colored like buttons for starters. So I've no idea if this would work or not for me.

The older stuff, legacy generation 3, tends to be fused together so I have more luck with those old pieces than the newer ones. I don't know what happened that folks stopped making things all one piece, but it makes me sad. I got lucky today and found two whole pieces that converted without a hitch. I had to use VWD for a third, but it just melted. Another drawback for having to use VWD as the middle man. I've found that exporting the obj and reimporting sometimes eliminates the need to use it.

I'm okay with hunting for clothing. I wish I could find someone willing to set up hair for me! GOOD toon hair is so hard to find, much less hair I can fuse to a mask easily to make dynamic.

Gadget, I went to the thread and put in my own two cents. I hope folks don't mind! :)


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Don't put everything into the same "surface", put all the vertices into the same "face group" before exporting. The facegroups represent the skeleton of the object, usually there is one facegroup per bone. Putting all the faces in one facegroup and exporting is essentially just fusing the vertices; all material zones remain intact.