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Creatures of the Night Challenge WIP Thread - CLOSED!!!


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Oooohhh I might see if I have enough re-installed to enter this as well...
Now has anyone tried this Smoke and Flames Tool - A Nerd3D 3D Creation and is it easy enough for a dummy like me to use?
I have used it many times, along with the Dust and Trails tool, the Waterfall Tool, the Fog Tool - I find most of them to be indespensible. I picked them up way back...when I still got along with Daz. I highly recommend them.

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@Doodle Designs I love it! I remember well the infamous Kitten Poker episode, and drunk Buffy saying something like "Be free Kittens" when she decides to break up the game. Also, dogs playing poker is classic. I once got my dad a jigsaw puzzle version of it for Christmas.



Image name: Skeleton Run

So finally done...puhh :)

Harry with modified texture. Render and posed in Poser 6. I normally just pose in Poser, then render in Vue. But Vue didnt play well with me.


Miss B

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PLEASE NOTE: As I posted at the top of the first post in this thread, this Render Challenge will close on Friday, November 4th, so you only have 2 more days to post your final renders.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
That's a great render Varnayrah. I don't know that there's a restriction about entries having to be "new", only that at least one member of the HiveWire family is in the render, so unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume it's just fine. ;)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
PLEASE NOTE: As I posted at the top of the first post in this thread, this Render Challenge will close tomorrow Friday, November 4th, so you only have 1 more day to post your final renders.


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Congrats Jecnodde (I loved your creepy lighting :D)

And thanks for my runner-ups :inlove:


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Hi all, just wanted to say this was not an easy competition to judge. There were so many great images it was really hard to choose!
Lorraine and I had a very long skype conversation. (Over an hour) Where we discussed the merits of each render. I must admit it was fun trying to work out who we thought had done which render once we had judged them. I can only say I was way, way off on so many of the images it was fun to see who actually did them once Miss B altered the album to show the names. It's been interesting reading through the thread and seeing who did what and how.

Faery, it's a pity that your egyptian image didn't get finished that looked really promising. I would have liked to see the finished version.

Welcome to all the new members and thanks for participating and making this so much harder to judge!

Just wanted to say great job everyone! Congrats to the winners also...


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To the winners gorgeous work!!!

I'm sure the judges had a really hard time deciding!! Thanks Pen and Lorraine for judging the contest ....... LOL I'm sure glad I wasn't you!! :) I'm not sure I could of chosen they are all fabulous!

I have enjoyed popping in here and seeing all the incredible artwork you guys have submitted!

New members I hope to see more of your fantastic images around the hive

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time