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  1. Kathleen


    Kathleen G8F and V8 by Anagord
  2. Neutral Skin MR for La Femme by TwiztedMetal

    Neutral Skin MR for La Femme by TwiztedMetal

    Neutral Skin MR for La Femme by TwiztedMetal
  3. Dragons Say The Most Amazing Things

    Dragons Say The Most Amazing Things

    A little experiment with Oresties HDRI Autumn Sunsets
  4. Wind Dancer

    Wind Dancer

    Playing with my InStyle poses for Dawn & poses for the Dragonbraid
  5. I'm Coming With A Vengeance

    I'm Coming With A Vengeance

    Another Mousso Character Macarena, Kadis Armor, Songbird Remix Birds of Prey, CWRW's Painted Ponies accessory bonus feathers, Ron's Explosions
  6. Immersed In Peace

    Immersed In Peace

  7. Ginger


  8. Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

    Daz Studio COF Alma for Dawn (Daz Studio Version) 2018-10-21

    This is just a dial-spun character morph for Dawn. This is the Daz Studio version. If you're a Poser user, you'll need to download the Poser version instead. Included Files : Alma INJ Alma REM File Size : 98 kbs Required Files : Daz Studio 4.6+ Dawn Base Morphs Starter Morphs Dawn Head Shapes...
  9. Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

    Poser COF Alma for Dawn (Poser Version) 2018-10-21

    This is just a dial-spun character morph for Dawn. This is the Poser version. If you use Daz Studio, you'll need to download the DS version. Please make sure you inject Dawn's morph packs BEFORE applying the preset, or it won't do anything. Included Files : Alma INJ Alma REM File Size : 82kbs...
  10. Sora Gal

    Sora Gal

    Sora for Dawn... this was the only Dawn dress I had so I retextured it with shaders. The hair is an Instant Hair painted hair package from Rendo that I cut and chopped to get the look shown. Ron's brushes are used in the stars... I created the background in Second Life and did a screen capture.
  11. Deep In Thought

    Deep In Thought

  12. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-6 for Dawn

    This is the ultimate fantasy body, and it has gone through several iterations to get the current shape. Basically every time you saw me posting a render with it until now was using a different version of it. Now I am settling for this shape as the final. This is so different from Dawn that...
  13. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-4 for Dawn

    After a less successful attempt, I have rebooted Type-4 from scratch, and this is the new shape. It's a different body, but still inspired on the Dead or Alive video game characters when it comes to volumes and proportions. She is also the first busty girl in the series. Here you can see...
  14. Lion Queen

    Lion Queen

    Daz Studio, Iray. Postwork in Photoshop.
  15. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-1 for Dawn

    Now that Type-3 is cooking at QAV, I finally got more time to work on Type-1. She is the petite and slender from the bunch. Last night I ended up redoing her bust, hips, buttocks, and neck, which got us to the version below. I have been editing both Poser and DS versions to keep them in sync...
  16. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-3 for Dawn

    This is the upcoming "Type-3" body for Dawn, representing the fuller and more voluptuous body type. If you follow the Dawn renders thread, you have already seen her from the image below. As is was with Type-2, the breast shape and position are completely different from Dawn. I also made the...
  17. Amelia Dawn

    Amelia Dawn

  18. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-2 for Dawn

    Many of you have already seen plenty of renders I have done with this custom body sculpt for Dawn. This represents a style I wanted from the very beginning, but nobody was making it, so I gave it a try myself. This custom body sculpt changes the entire body, from shins to neck. It changes...
  19. Imani's Leopard Print Dress

    Imani's Leopard Print Dress

  20. Earring


    a promo I did for the earring - an upcoming freebie.