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  1. Imani's Leopard Print Dress

    Imani's Leopard Print Dress

  2. Earring


    a promo I did for the earring - an upcoming freebie.
  3. Sadness


  4. Look


  5. Jeune Fille En Rose

    Jeune Fille En Rose

    Another experiment of DOF
  6. The Lady In Black

    The Lady In Black

    Experimenting DOF with iray
  7. Brandy Worked-sm

    Brandy Worked-sm

    DS 4.8 + PD Howler
  8. Free To Be Me

    Free To Be Me

  9. Time To Let Go

    Time To Let Go

  10. Pop_Up_Promo_02


  11. Faces of Imani

    Faces of Imani

    Expressions study. Imani the Visionary Working with expressions in this image. They are the key to telling good stories. Once they're worked out I can call on them quickly as I create different images.
  12. Imani's Botanica

    Imani's Botanica

  13. To The Spirits Above

    To The Spirits Above

  14. Wapi


  15. Kiarra And The Dragon

    Kiarra And The Dragon

    Journeyman Bard Kiarra is not thrilled with what "going out and adventuring to build your own repretoire" actually entails.
  16. Mafanwya BloodTide

    Mafanwya BloodTide

    A Blood Fey Archeress.
  17. Dahlia Herbert

    Dahlia Herbert

  18. Skyla Cropped

    Skyla Cropped

  19. Hopeless


  20. Skyla Portrait WiP

    Skyla Portrait WiP