Todays Weather where you live?

Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by Bonnie2001, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Terre

    Terre Dances with Bees

    The projected high for today is only 88? Since there is a 20% chance for rain tomorrow I guess we'll be getting strong enough winds to keep the temps down today. We'll see what actually happens.
  2. Bonnie2001

    Bonnie2001 Extraordinary

    It's a bit dull today but still warm at about 20c. The clouds are supposed to clear and more heatwave for the next week.
  3. Ken Gilliland

    Ken Gilliland Ambitious HW3D Exclusive Artist

    ugh, day two of our heat wave... supposedly "cooler" today, but "cooler" is relative... our thermometer read 121F (49.4C) yesterday... at 10:40am. it's already 108
  4. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    That's just entirely too hot for anyone or anything.
  5. Terre

    Terre Dances with Bees

    Too hot indeed.
  6. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    OUCH!! You sure you live in southern California, and not the middle of the desert? Only time I've regularly seen temps like that were in Arizona and Nevada. ~Sheesh~

    That said the weather here today is GLORIOUS!! It's currently 76ºF, and the humidity is only 40%!! The forecast is showing another 3 days like this before it gets warmer again. WOOT!! :snoopydance:
  7. Terre

    Terre Dances with Bees

    That is nice weather. Have fun.
  8. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Oh I went out earlier to run errands, and there was a delightful cool breeze. :D
  9. Stezza

    Stezza Ambitious

    bit chilly here today.. nice and crisp blue skies... foxes and roos running around all over the place and the ducks are mellowing out..

  10. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Weather was delightful again today, and should be again tomorrow. Temps aren't going to rise again until Tuesday, with the humidity going up a bit as well. Luckily, the forecast for the remainder of the week looks good though, so I guess we'll only have to grin and bear it for the one day. Certainly better than the long stretch of grossly hot and humid days we recently put up with.
  11. Bonnie2001

    Bonnie2001 Extraordinary

    It's cloudy this morning and 15c already.
  12. Bonnie2001

    Bonnie2001 Extraordinary

    It was sunny and hot today again. Tonight it's nice and cool.
  13. Stezza

    Stezza Ambitious

    woke up this morning to another white frost on the front lawn..

    a chilly 8c at 8am but warming up now..... not!

  14. Charles West

    Charles West Adventurous

    last chance of rain tomorrow ... missed that call yesterday and today. Going back into the 90F plus by the end of the week. Another week in the house... Just runs for food.
  15. AlphinaNovaStar

    AlphinaNovaStar Energetic

    Right now it is 94 and 38% humidity. I took an hour walk to get home to find out I am locked out. Now waiting about an hour and a half to get in but still outside.
  16. Bonnie2001

    Bonnie2001 Extraordinary

    We had some very light rain and slightly cooler temps (that is not as hot as last week) the last couple of days. I have to say it's much nicer being able to sleep in cool nights, but apparently the hot weather is on the way back soon. I want the tan and all that, but without the stifling heat!
  17. Terre

    Terre Dances with Bees

    We got a decent rain this morning.
  18. Stezza

    Stezza Ambitious

    well..... unbelievable ... in a couple of areas yesterday there was what seemed like a very light dusting of snow! for just a fleeting moment..

    the last time this apparently happened was in 1901
    plenty of frost and hail, which a lot of people are thinking happened rather than snow!!

    but yep... it is cold...

  19. theschell

    theschell Eager

    27c with 48% humidity here... feels like 33c... Thunder storms possible for tonight and tomorrow....
  20. mininessie

    mininessie Dances with Bees Contributing Artist

    thunderstorm right now here!

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