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Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge


Busy Bee
Title: Black Beauty Unicorn
Black Beauty Unicorn 101z.jpg


Contributing Artist
Stay playing

Stay playing.jpg

Free items: HiveWire House Cat (and a couple of kittens all with CWRW textures), Vintage Bike and Lisa's Tulips.

Other HW stuff: HW Big Dog and a couple of puppies (with Sparky's Beagle morph/coat and a Greyhound by Stezza with modified FlintHawk texture)
My area in upstate New York has met all the Governor's criteria and begun Phase 1 of reopening – some businesses and some stores. This Poser 11 render symbolizes the trepidation of trying to return to normalcy. I put my cat Penelope in a mask that looks like the one my wife made for me, atop a precipice wondering wide-eyed how she will get down. She's on a pretty barren landscape, but the flowers seem to be saying things will look up.

Penelope is the Hivewire Housecat with a special texture, the mask is janet's freebie with another special texture, and the environment is Molar Hill with the Gogmagog background, and a single Black-Eyed Susan.
Looking down I.jpg

Llola Lane

Great image Llola,
For those who may have missed these freebies when they first came out here are some links for clothing for her. Much thanks to Traci and also to Sanbie for creating these items.
Sundress for Diva DS version - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Shorts & Top for Diva DS version - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Jeans for Diva - DS version - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Cutie Pie for Diva - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Morph only, Mada's Flower Fairy can be bought in the Hivewire store. I also have a free texture for it over at ShareCG:
Mada's Flower Fairy Fit for Diva in DS & Poser - DAZ Studio

Lorraine also has textures for at least Cutie Pie from memory over at ShareCG also.

If you have a Dawn outfit for DS that you want to use let me know. If I have it I'm happy to create morphs for Diva.

Please note: There are also outfits for her that are Poser Based Dynamics which work quite well on her in DForce. Look for Satira and Lully's Dawn items.
Thank you Pendraia... Sorry I just saw this reply... Not been about in a while. I am copying all you said to a notecard for further reference... I was really discouraged when I wasn't able to get anything to fit Diva... so.. THANK YOU... Stay well... Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Contributing Artist
No problem...as I said in my previous post, if I have an outfit and your using DS I'm happy to create a morph for you. I don't currently have Poser installed or I would do it for Poser also...that's if I can remember how!

Llola Lane

No problem...as I said in my previous post, if I have an outfit and your using DS I'm happy to create a morph for you. I don't currently have Poser installed or I would do it for Poser also...that's if I can remember how!
I am using Daz... I have one of the dresses on her now and made a texture for it... I'll finish the artwork tomorrow... Kinda late for me. I tried a Lully dress to dform it.. but it looked funny on a little girl (long story)... I will play more later. Thanks again :)


Again thank you for the freebies and for this challenge. It's so much fun to watch all the wonderful images in this thread.


Qualifying items used:
Vintage Bicycle (Anima Gemini)
Diva for Dawn (Pendraia Fae)
Gnobbit (Ghostman)
Bell Flower, Tulips, Black-Eyed Susan (Lisa’s Botanicals)
Other HW items:
SBRM Parrots of the World (Ken Gilliland)
Bell Flower Garden and Sunflowers (Lisa's Botanicals)
Sweetheart Textures for Lisa's Botanicals Tulips (NapalmArsenal )

Llola Lane

Did another Diva (not sure why she has creases in her armpits) piece of artwork... This time using a dress that Pendraia recommended... I added a little dforce to the dress to make some folds and created my own fabric with the sunflowers. ENJOY!
DIVA 29minute render 3Delight DONE SIGN.jpg
The Cat's Dream '20.jpg

The Cat's Dream

Hivewire cat, Pale for Hivewire horse, cat bed, emergency exit, Land-escapes (a glimpse), a rhyme and tune stuck in me head along with an overactive imagination. Wanted to use a few items I had not before and that had little in common, apart from cat and bed, naturally. Very naturally.


Dragon Queen
Contributing Artist
The Good Ship Polly-Lop
Good Ship Polly Lop.jpg

The Good Ship Polly-Lop

The Cast and Crew of the Good Ship Polly-Lop are having their morning song and dance aerobics as the ship prepares to dive into the nearby nebula to the sounds of "Waltz of the Flowers", "Also sprach Zarathustra", and something else really familiar...
Captain Bella Flower is operating the controls. Susan Black-Eye, Lily Asia, and Tully Two-Lips are on deck.


This is my third (and probably last) entry for the contest.

Subtle Shade Skies (as coloration between layers of Ron's Space Brushes so that this was NOT stark black and white)

Fantasy Gazebo (floor and window frames)
Birdbath (controls)

Bell-Flower (okay, okay -- it's 'shopped)
Asiatic Lily (well, what did you expect? making flower aliens is fun)
Tulip (ditto)
Black-Eyed Susan (one has to wonder who punched her out in the first place)

Notes for anyone who didn't catch my somewhat obscure references: "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (by Richard Strauss) was used as the theme music for "2001: A Space Odyssy". "Waltz of the Flowers" (by Tchaikovsky) is from "The Nutcracker". "The Good Ship Lollipop" was made famous by Shirley Temple.


Contributing Artist
LOL Cuteness ........ factor 10

Lonely Grimalkin
Lonely Grimalkin SML.jpg

Created With: Hivewire House Cat, Grimalkin for the Hivewire House Cat, Lisa's Botanicals Bell Flower, Berry Blast for Lisa's Botanicals Bell flower, Potted Fern, Song Bird Remix's Natures wonders Moths of the World, Moths of the world vol 2, Lisa's Botanicals Day lily, (small white flowers on the vines with Shark Fin Textures for Lisa's Botanicals Day Lily), Custom coat texture derived from the leopard coat, Toccoli Place of Birds, Malaik Wings by Arki


Contributing Artist
I was playing around with textures, lighting, and reflections. lol. Fun, fun, fun. Used: Subtle Shadow Skies, Hivewire House Cat, Bell Flower, and Daylily.

Title: Golden Flowers.

View attachment 60601
I did some of these with geoshell shaders that turned out pretty neat too. Will have to post those when I get a chance they look kind of like frosted glass. I Love how these turned out with the gold!!