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Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge


The together aspect could vary, i.e. single person sitting in front of many monitors with different person on each.
A large field everyone separate with bullhorns....

8 ) Cheers


I'm game for another! And that theme sounds good to me. I will probably not get as many entries in this time due to being back to work full time (provided we don't have to quarantine if a coworker gets it), but I'll try to get at least one in if possible.


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I like your theme, another alternative could be Wear a mask protect your neighbourhood or something similar.


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How about the theme: "The New Normal"?
Great suggestion! Thank you!

We have talked about it and we would like to go with “We are all in this together” for right now and then later, when cases are truly falling off and flatlining, we can do another render challenge that speaks to what will then be our New Normal.

I apologize for the delay in getting a slideshow together for the first challenge. Let’s get a new Render Challenge started and I will go back to finish that Stay Home Spread Hope slideshow.

Sound good?


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Hey folks!

I wanted to let you know that we have just completed the very long task of adding all of your images to our Stay Home - Spread Hope media album. You can now check out and scroll through all of your wonderful entries in one place.

To be informed of any comments on your images, find your image in the gallery and choose to ‘watch’ the image from the right side of the page. If your profile settings allow, you will be sent an email when there are any new comments.

A huge :thankyou2: to @Miss B for downloading, renaming and uploading over 300 images into this gallery. :flower02: