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Show Us Your Lisa's Botanicals Renders!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Ahhhh, OK. I stopped with Genesis 1, and don't have the latest version of DS. He's looking good though, so keep at it until you're happy with him.


The chickens look like Noggin's. His came with chicks as well. Old enough to be usable in both programs.
I fully concur with your thoughts, though all I got was a baby chicken, which I guess is alright as my wife would never let me keep any chicks, she still thinks Dawn is a time of day.....


I have to agree, and wouldn't mind knowing what filter you used Desertsilver, especially if it's a Filter Forge filter.
Thank you all, your comments made me feel much better after a day fighting with Z brush, where if there is a way to do something wrong, I will find it!

The only filter I used is the poster filter in PS. The cat's colors are a shader from Dimension Theory.The other effects are all from a mess of overlays of layers I made with bokah brushes, painted and swirled around with the blurr brushes and then altered in the layers channel. There was at one time about 15 layers there...haha