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@Desertsilver The disparity in size of the wolf and goldy locks I had a great problem making the pose seem natural, alas there I feel I came up short, but for lack of trying. I had originally planned a great party of fairy book characters, then I realized I could only do so at the price of the wonderful amount of detail shown here, thanks for your great observation and acknowledgement of my efforts....
I don't agree : )
The way the girl is looking up and back at the wolf and his merry gesture sets a wonderful mood . And the way she lightly holds his hand, with the fingers posed just how you'd hold them if really enjoying the dance= just the right touches
@Desertsilver lol I laugh because I did go to a lot of effort to make the wolf and goldy locks to just lightly touch...lol yes there was the knowledge that children fidget with their hands when very gleeful, but the main reason was the knowledge that displacement makes the model "swell" up when rendered...lol.. I had to do some serious touch up the goldy locks neck and head as the texture got stretched trying to have her dance while looking up at the wolf...lol It is really great you see all the little bitty details that tend to define me and make me long for some one to notice how much effort I go to make my work detail delightful...lol great comments, really great! I think the plaid pajamas on the fiddle player was a mistake, I originally had plans of making a bag pipe for this render, ever tried to quickly draw a 3d bag pipe? lol

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