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I just love that monkey hugging the chicken, and the one surrounded by chicks.

My daughter is in India right now and she adores all the monkeys... she showed a screen shot on her phone of your render to everyone in the temple she was visiting and they all loved it too!

You made many smiling faces in Jaipur today!
@mininessie yes, this is not my best work had a lot of problems with the monkeys they were cross talking a bit and were generally hard to pose, really this is a work in progress I think, I keep thinking of more I want to add...thanks or your kind attentions...
Oh no! Sorry for the misunderstanding... I wasn't talking about your image...i was talking about the animals... Monkeys aren't my favorite animals.. Your image is great.
@mininessie I live with a house full of monkeys, course my monkey's have feathers and wings and can carry on long conversations as well as call you names and have temper tantrums, throw their toys about, get into stuff...lol They do all the wonderful things to keep your house hold in an uproar. My macaw picks on me terribly, he yells when I leave the room..

One difference from monkey's though, other then the bird dust they are all potty trained and love to hug...

Yea I am a total bird nut, it is like having my very own ET, well rather they have me... I have been around monkey's though, my parrots are much smarter and monkeys can't fly....lol

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