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@Me195 plain dumb luck, yep that is where that expression came from..lol thanks for enjoying my work... I started out asking a stupid question, could I make a gorilla into the Fonz from happy days, why would one think of such a thing? Well at the time it struck me as very funny...
Great render! And now that you mention it- he does kind of have that Fonz hair.
And I especially like his coloring- I find it so hard to get a good render of black fur-
@Desertsilver Yes lighting is all important when it comes to fur, This is the silver backed fur, course I tweaked it a little as I do most everything, I also tweaked the gorilla skin texture injecting some blue reflection and a bit of brown in the skin texture. Making black instead of going gray scale adds a richness to the color. brown and blue make a sort of purple black. I will admit that when light gets to the right place and angle a sort of magic happens..Thanks for your kind attentions...
FUN...also makes me want to try my Poser beta TrueHair on the Gorilla!..... hmmm ! ;)

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