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Show Us Your HiveWire Big Dog And Puppy Renders.


Contributing Artist
Love this card of yours! Can I share this card on our HiveWire facebook page as a card from the HiveWire team as long as I credit you for this wonderful work?

Looking to adopt your card.
Sure Chris! Share away! Merry Christmas :D


What cute puppy renders! I love them!

The release of the HiveWire Puppy inspired me to do a Christmas Card.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


HiveWire Big Dog by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & Sparky at HiveWire3D
HiveWire Puppy by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & Sparky at HiveWire3D
Coat Colors for the HiveWire Big Dog Set 1 by Flint_Hawk & CWRW at HiveWire3D

Christmas Wreath by Truform (December 2017 Newsletter) at Renderosity
Ice and Frost by Antje Darling at Renderosity
Snowflake Background by Mada

Helping Decorate
Helping Decorate.jpg