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  1. BabyToon decorates

    BabyToon decorates

    BabyToon is attracted by the decorations attached to the wall. Using the free "Seasons Greetings" by Skip1871's. The blue onesie was, along with another redhead, my freebe at RDNA. Original render was 1734x2600. Thanks for look!
  2. The Gift

    The Gift

    I could not resist: I reused the "VirtualWorld" character for K4. Always in red (since we are in the holiday season). The original size was 3300x4950. No postwork on the part rendered in Poser. Postwork is only for frames and dirt on the edges. Thanks for look!
  3. Christmas in the cellar

    Christmas in the cellar

    Nothing is missing :) Render in Vue. A job a couple of years ago Thanks for taking a look:) and Happy Holidays to all
  4. Doggy Xmas 2018

    Doggy Xmas 2018

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to all of you!
  6. Christmas Kiss

    Christmas Kiss

  7. Winter Joy

    Winter Joy

    I'm finally finally finished Winter Glitter for Superfly :)
  8. Peace On Earth 01

    Peace On Earth 01

  9. Xmas 2017

    Xmas 2017

  10. Naughty Or Nice

    Naughty Or Nice

  11. HaiGan

    Poser Shetland Santa 2017-12-12

    Diva has a Christmas pony! A Santa outfit for the HiveWire 3D Horse's Shetland Pony. This is the combination of a static prop (bit), poseable prop (reins) and dynamic cloth. Instructions are provided in the Readme file for adding a dynamic hair fur trim and ear-tip pompoms. Includes one...
  12. Ready For A Sleigh Ride-sm

    Ready For A Sleigh Ride-sm

    HiveWire horse x2 Thoroughbred texture and Draft textures. Vintage Sleigh Gypsy Wagon Harness from HiveWire Winter Forest Scene My background Postwork in PD Howler Collar from ShareCG Ankou
  13. Dawn Christmas 2017

    Dawn Christmas 2017

  14. Sugar Skull Elf

    Sugar Skull Elf

  15. Mother and Child

    Mother and Child

  16. Business Pullover Wreath

    Business Pullover Wreath

  17. Business Pullover Stocking

    Business Pullover Stocking

  18. Business Pullover Snowman

    Business Pullover Snowman

  19. Business Pullover Sleigh

    Business Pullover Sleigh

  20. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Poser IM-Ugly Sweaters for Dynamic Sweater 2017-01-12

    More textures for the Dynamic Sweater Vest for v4/Dawn. Have fun, Christmas is over for last year, but get a jump on next year! Poser Only!!!!