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hive wire big dog

  1. Caroling


  2. FJ With Twin  Hotdogs

    FJ With Twin Hotdogs

    Rendered in Carrara
  3. Trashing the Kitchen

    Trashing the Kitchen

  4. A hard days play

    A hard days play

  5. Play Time

    Play Time

    The ErlKing's favorite happy to see the master home
  6. mininessie

    Poser & DS Anthro Beach and breakdance poses for HW Big Dog 2018-04-24

    2 fun poses for the HW Big Dog "Beach" and "Breakdance" inside the "dog" zip...there are the DS and Poser zips these poses complement the Anthro poses set in the store...These poses are extreme for the dog figure,so can be some mesh crush in some areas. I hope you enjoy them!
  7. They Taste Like Chicken

    They Taste Like Chicken

  8. The Window

    The Window

  9. mininessie

    RELEASED Anthro poses for HW Big dog and cat WIP

    working on a set of fun and not doggie poses for the dog...i will try them too for the cat...i started for a couple ...but surely the other ones will be more for one dog only...perhaps one more with two dogs...i will see :laugh: here a quick render...the first pose is a "proposal" one :giggle:
  10. Taking A Nap

    Taking A Nap

  11. Reminded to Feed the Dog

    Reminded to Feed the Dog

  12. Rhode Island Red Rooster Wars

    Rhode Island Red Rooster Wars

    The start of a great battle on our farm, the Rhode Island Red Rooster Wars
  13. King


  14. BFFs