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Rhode Island Red Rooster Wars

Rhode Island Red Rooster Wars

The start of a great battle on our farm, the Rhode Island Red Rooster Wars
That rooster is not going to back down. The dog better be careful. Are we going to see the end?
@Red Eagle The Rhode Island Red War story is part of my family history as it is part of many farming histories...My story is of a prize winning rooster that members of my family tried unsuccessfully to contend with for by the very nature that made this bird a prize rooster also set it on a course to set the world on fire.
It's reign of terror lasted but three short years, it's memory however, has lasted four generations of our family thus far...

The dogs and cat both lose this fight though this was but one battle of many...lol

I don't control when my stories end, I no longer work under dead lines, I do hope to truly finish "Chicken Talker" before I die, illustrations and all....

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